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1 yr old biting - HELP
earleyml1012 posted:
Since the 1yr old boards are extremely slow, I thought I'd post here. My DD is a biting machine and we're at a loss as to how to get her to stop. At first we'd tap her mouth and say no biting but also has a thing for hitting faces so we realized we can't do that b/c it encourages the hitting. Twice now we've tried biting her back and that makes her stop for a few days but then she forgets that biting hurts and keeps doing it. We don't want to keep biting our baby b/c I'm also afraid it might encourage it. Any other suggestions? Our 4 yr old never bit so we've never gone through this before. Also we've noticed it's worse when we think she's teething. Oh, I've tried a teething ring but she's not interested in that. Luckily I've been told at daycare she hasn't tried to bite any other kids, however, last night she did bite her sister during bath time. HELP!
crunk05177 responded:
In my opinion, she is either teething or hungry or both. My now 3 year old used to bite so we would make sure he had plenty of teething toys or bite safe toys and we would let him munch on Gerber puffs. It seemed to help! He will still bite occasionally but as self defense against his 6 year old brother. Good luck![a style="COLOR: #006699; CURSOR: pointer" id=exchange-post-enabled_A8 class=template-reply-post onclick="LoginCreatePost(this,'parenting-4-5-year-olds-exchange','3'); return false;"> We also have a book called "Teeth are not for Biting" which we used to read to him.
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babysuperbad responded:
Biting your child is cruel. Inflicting pain on your baby for any reason is teaching her that you are no longer a safe comfort, but a source of pain. Two wrongs don't make a right. All that accomplished is validating for her that biting is an acceptable way of expressing displeasure.

For her protection I will tell you what worked for us... As soon as she bites, make an abrupt startling noise like clapping loudly To get her attention. Say "no bite". Remove her immediately from the room, put her in a safe place like her crib or a designated timeout play yard, repeat repeat "no bite" and leave her by herself, shut the door to place emphasis on the fact that when she bites, she is separated from fun and attention. If you are diligent and repeat this every time, she will soon understand the relation between her behavior and being separated from the rest of the family (temporarily). This worked very quickly for us. Make sure she is getting plenty of praise and love and cuddles when she is chewing on a toy or teether. Positive reinforcement of good behavior works better than punishing bad behavior. After her time out make sure she cuddles the person she bit, so they make up, and she remembers why she was in timeout.

And please don't ever inflict pain on your child to teach her a lesson.

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