Here is the ornament picture :)
seeit2 posted:
This will work, I promise!

Can you guess which one the girl made and which one the 3-yr old made?

I enjoyed the other responses - would whomever posted the link for art teachers please re-post it? My BFF is an art teacher and I'd like to pass it along

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baby1at35 responded:
Here is the website our art teacher uses.

I was able to order the boys self portraits on ornaments or anything else they would like.
Very cool !
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baby1at35 replied to baby1at35's response:
And hmmmm those ornaments are absolutely adorable ! Love it !
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cinder44 responded:
Those are cute! Our school uses, too. Love it! We were able to order the Christmas ornaments & then they sent us a discount code & we ordered some magnets, too. And a % of the cost of the order went as a donation to the art dept at our school.
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laney0705 responded:
Super cute. I tried to do the applesauce/cinnamon ornaments with the kids and it turned into a nightmare. I only got 2 out of the dozen we "tried" to make. I think next time I'll try the salt dough ornaments.