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    Totally out of control 5 year old
    jensky85 posted:
    My 5 year old has been kicked out of two daycares in the past month an a half for hitting, pinching, kicking, biting teachers and throwing chairs when he gets angry. The teachers did everything they could to calm him down when he would have his tantrums but they couldnt control his outbursts and he became too much of a danger to everyone else. Now he is staying at home with one of my friends who doesnt work. I have enrolled him in counseling. I am at my whits end. He is a good kid when he wants to be but doesn't pay attention. He has to be told over and over to do stuff. I have tried time out, but that is a battle, and taking away his toys has not helped either. I used to spank him but then he started to try and punch me so i figured I would change the way I was doing things. Which is when I enrolled him into therapy. I have tried changing the way I talk to him. Giving him less choices.

    I am a single parent. I work full time, and go to school part time. I am trying to make a better life for myself and my child. His father has never really been in the picture. I let his dad see him a couple of days back in May of 2012, and then he left with out say good bye. I do not know if this had an effect on his. I think it did. We also moved out of my parents house in October and moved in with my best friend. I am 27 and do not feel that I need to continue to live with my parents just so my son will act right even though he feels that we should live there.

    I am activly seeking help. We go for a medication evaluation next week. Maybe if he can pay attention and focus that will help, although i hate to do that. But I needed medicaion and went years with out it. When I was finally diagnosed with adhd and placed on medication my grades improved dramatically.

    earleyml1012 responded:
    It sounds to me that you are on the right track, the hardest place to start is admitting that you need help and you've done that. While reading this and before I got to your paragraph about medication, that was my first thought. Maybe your son has some kind of inbalance that medicine can help with.

    Pray, pray, pray. Whenever I am facing a difficulty with anything that's what I do. Also ask others to pray for your family.
    seeit2 responded:
    I would continue to talk to your pediatrician about what you are experiencing and maybe ask him about a referral to the school district for behavioral help. A good special ed teacher can push in to the daycare or home (care) environment and offer guidance as far as helping him get his needs met more appropriately.
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
    jensky85 replied to seeit2's response:
    We actually got a referral to a developmental pediatrician??? but we cant get in until may 7th!!! I have no choice but to wait that long. We are also going to therapy at family and children services. Trying one thing at a time!
    jensky85 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    Thank you! I do need to do this more!

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