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fear of germs
Nikki_123 posted:
Does anyone know how to deal with this....I think I might have one and I think I need help.
A couple of days ago while waiting for her school bus my DD dropped 2 of her facial tissues...I picked them up and put it in my pocket and after I came home I just forgot to throw them in the trash. Today at the bus stop she asked for one and I just reached into my pockets and gave her a tissue. After sometime I realised I might have given her the one that had fallen down. Now I am feeling guilty and worried. I know its very trivial but these matters have been creating a lot of anxiety in me.
mrswhitecastle responded:
It sounds to me like a trip to your doctor may be in order. He/She can help you work it out.
Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
Anon_14324 responded:
Here we go again?
earleyml1012 replied to Anon_14324's response:
Seriously, you should discuss this with your doctor. For one thing it's not healthy for your body and another your anxiety issues could rub off on your daughter.

After the CT shooting, I was having a lot of anxiety issues with leaving my 2 DDs at daycare. So much so that I was having chest pains and pains in my arms, I thought I was having a heart attack. I spoke with my doctor and he gave me a prescription for anxiety. I've also found friends that I could trust who spoke honestly with me about it and prayed with me. Today, I still have days when I feel worried but nothing like better. One good Christian friend gave me some great pointers of what to do when I start having an attack, let me know if you are interested in hearing more.
Nikki_123 replied to Anon_14324's response:
You dont have to reply if you dont want to. But dont write like this because you dont even know how it feels like to be at the receving end especially when one has anxiety issues. And yes, I have an appointment with my doctor for next week.
Nikki_123 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
I am going to the doctor next week. And I am sorry to say I will not be visiting this forum anymore and God forbid I post something I will not write anything so stupid and nonsense.
iocasta replied to Nikki_123's response:
You might want to see if there is a board on Webmd that deals with anxiety issues. It would likely be more suited to your issue and more helpful. We are just a group of moms talking about our children.
earleyml1012 replied to iocasta's response:
Sorry you feel that you can't post here anymore. Just b/c one person wrote a rude comment, doesn't mean the rest of us are like that. I really hope you can overcome the anxiety b/c I know how it can affect me. Good luck!

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