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Valentine's Day Plans?
iocasta posted:
I'm helping out in Levi's class. They are making sundaes and reading their valentines. It should be fun. I'll pick up some chocolates for the boys at a local chocolate shop. DH has a corporate board dinner to go to that night. Who schedules corporate board dinners on Valentine's day? Maybe Levi and I will go somewhere for a date after his swim practice. What are your plans?
earleyml1012 responded:
Our daycare is having a Valentine's Party and the kids are suppose to dress like Princess/Prince, so DD is super excited to wear her Belle dress that she got for her bday. I bought her a princess crown for $1 to go with it. Not sure if I'm going to dress our 15 month old up, if anything I'll just do a dress.

Last night I did a craft with the girls to give to DH. I did feet prints with the heals touching and then drew a heart around it. Then wrote: "From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, I LOVE YOU!" Next Wednesday when he's helping with the youth group, I'm going to have DD#1 help me make peanut butter cookies with a heart chocolate as the center instead of a hershey kiss. Those are his favorite cookies so he'll love it. Then I plan to make some extras for DD to take with her Valentines.

DH and I don't typically do anything since our anniversary was just last month.
crunk05177 responded:
Both kids will have parties in their classes which is always so much fun! I picked up some cute stuff for them and am making each goody bags. I am excited because Nathan can actually eat a couple of Valentine's Day junk this year. Due to his peanut allergy, most of it is out the window. With his age, anything that was peanut free was usually a choking hazard. Now that he is over 3 I have introduced him to hershey kisses lol. I would like to have something fun for dinner but who knows how hectic our day will be when it comes.
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baby1at35 replied to crunk05177's response:
I am volunteering for the boys parties.
Then we have their martial arts class that night. So I guess I will be working out. No sweetheart for me yet anyway.
And seriously who schedules a corporate dinner on Valentines day?
Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
laney0705 responded:
Just sending valentines cards/candy to daycare and school.

Hubby and I are just staying home. I brought him a card though.

A board meeting on Valentines day? That's just wrong.

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