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Dinner time problems
polako posted:
My 4 year old daughter loves to talk and play but when it come to dinner i cant make her eat dinner no matter how much she like the food. You see shes not a peeky eater but she doesnt stop talking to eat and it takes hours for her to finish, if she finishes before bedtime and this keeps happening every night at the same time and i dont know what to do. My family tells me to give her less food but it doesnt help cause no matter how much food i give her it keeps happening. Please help....
mrswhitecastle responded:
Does she have a snack before dinner? I've had to cut down on their snack after school, or it takes them FOREVER to eat.

We set a timer when they are messing around and not really eating. When the timer goes off, they are done, whether they have finished their food or not. We also tell them that if they haven't eaten X amount by the time the timer goes off, they are in trouble.
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crunk05177 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
I have always found that my kids are big eaters at lunch time, always have been. That is when I try to feed them the healthiest foods bc I know they will eat them.

I agree cutting down on the snacks before dinner would be helpful. My son comes homes from school starving!! I used to let him snack and snack but then he wouldn't eat any dinner. Now, he gets one snack and I moved dinner earlier. My kids also know that if they don't eat a decent amount of food on their dinner plate they don't get to eat anything later on. IF it happens which is rare, I would give in and let them have an apple or something.
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earleyml1012 replied to crunk05177's response:
I agree. My kids eat less at dinner if they've had a big snack or a snack too close to dinner. On nights when I know DD had a snack close to dinner, I don't make her finish her meal but I also remind her that she won't be getting a snack later. Sometimes I save her dinner for when she asks for something later or I give her a healthy snack later. Fortunately, most nights we don't have a problem getting our 25 lb, 16 month old to eat...she loves food!

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