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    Brilliant birthday party idea
    iocasta posted:
    Levi was just invited to a friend's 7th birthday party. The theme Minecraft. I don't know about you all but Minecraft has taken over our world. I tolerate it because there is a strong building component, so it is sort of a learning game. He gets a half hour a day if he has worked hard at swim practice and does a good job with his homework. Anyway, the mom in the evite asked that the boys (15 of them) bring their ipads or computers to play Minecraft. Brilliant. Quietest 7 year old birthday party ever.
    mrswhitecastle responded:
    What is Minecraft? Is it a game for the ipad?

    (Sorry for the ignorance. With 2 girls, we are still knee-deep in Barbie and My Little Ponies.....)
    Emily (7) Elizabeth (6)
    iocasta replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
    Count yourself lucky. It is a video game where you build (craft) things, including buildings and cities, while fending off creepers, zombies and skeleton, though you can play the game without them. It is very popular with the boys. Now that I pointed it out to you, you will notice it everywhere.
    earleyml1012 responded:
    I've never heard of it either but then again I have little girls with the oldest only 4. While it's a brilliant idea to keep the noise level down, it sounds like the kids won't be interacting with each other too much. Unless there's a way to challenge one another in this game?!? Maybe it's different with 7 year old boys but I like the loudness of my daughter's party b/c it means she's playing/socializing with her friends and having a good time. Just my opinion. I hope he has a good time!
    crunk05177 responded:
    We don't know about Minecraft yet either....even with a 6 year old boy lol.

    That sounds fun BUT they aren't socializing.

    We went to a birthday party at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. Holy cow...I wanted to die lol!
    Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (6) and DS2 - Nathan (3 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    iocasta replied to crunk05177's response:
    Don't worry there is plenty of socializing with this game. Plus none of these boys have problems with lack of socialization. They will have a great time, share tips (it is a very complex building game) on how to expand their respective worlds, and best of all the parent hosts won't go insane.

    I, on the other hand, will be hosting Levi's 7th birthday party at Lucky Strikes again this year. There is nothing like a pack of boys with bowling balls hyped up on sugar.
    crunk05177 replied to iocasta's response:
    LOL I am going to google it and see what it's about. I am very interested!
    Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (6) and DS2 - Nathan (3 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    kc_94920 responded:
    Sounds fun! We've never heard of Minecraft but that's not to say my Logan wouldn't have a blast trying it. Maybe I should let him give it a whirl. I assume it's a app that you buy from the app store?
    KC~ Mady (10) Logan (7.5) and Coco (4.5)
    iocasta replied to kc_94920's response:
    It is all the rage in Levi's first grade class. Honestly, if I could put the genie back in the bottle I would. I'm not a fan of computer games. The only game I don't mind are the Perry games because they are about fluid dynamics and sequential reasoning. Minecraft is tolerable because of the building element. There is an app version and a computer version. The app version doesn't have all of the functionality that the computer one does but the touch screen aspect of the ipad makes it easier to play. Levi has both. We bought him the app for his ipad. I think it was 7.99. He wanted the computer version because it could do more. We made him use his allowance to buy it but really warned him against it because he wouldn't like it as much. It was 27.99 if memory serves me. We were right and now he regrets using his allowance on it. Good lesson actually. Google it. There are tons of Minecraft how to videos out there so you can get an idea as to what it is before introducing it into your home.
    crunk05177 responded:
    So I downloaded the free version on my iphone and my son was playing with my phone and says, "YOU HAVE MINECRAFT?!?!? AWESOME!!!" So apparently he already knew about it. A lot of his friends have iPods and I guess that is how it was introduced to him. I don't really understand what you have to do. One of these days I will actually read the directions and figure it out. Him and my 3 year old are obsessed with it.
    Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (6) and DS2 - Nathan (3 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)

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