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Yoga pants - do you?
seeit2 posted:
This article about the recent yoga pant recall gave me a good laugh:

Do you guys wear yoga pants for activities other than a workout?

Personally, I do not. But I don't have legs worth showing off that way. But I do see this EVERYWHERE around town, and on people who should probably feel the same way I do about their legs...
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iocasta responded:
I wear workout gear to workout not to prance around. I have never understood why people do that. Have you seen the you tube video of people of Walmart? If you haven't, I warn you that you may want to gouge your eyes out after seeing. It is both funny and horrifying at the same time.
laney0705 responded:
No I don't wear them out in public unless it's for a walk around the neighborhood. I don't have the body to pull off wearing them for other then working out.

I've seen the "people from walmart" pictures and they are horrifying. Sometimes I think nothing shocks me and then I look at those pictures and I'm always shocked at what people leave there house wearing or not wearing.
sarah0323 responded:
I wear them to work out in. I have lost 40 pounds but want to loose about 50 more. Even though my oldest DD says I look fine in them I don't think so. I think the same thing about pajama pants. How hard is it to get dressed?
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baby1at35 replied to sarah0323's response:
Only to work out in them not around anywhere. I see that often and it really bugs me.
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earleyml1012 responded:
I'll admit, I have woren them to a store but only b/c I was stopping some where after working out. Also, I've woren PJ pants to the grocery store but that's when I've been sick and needed medicine/OJ/soup, etc. There is no way I'd make a habit out of wearing either in public on a regular basis.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I don't wear yoga pants but have worn sweats to the store but only if it's cold out. I've worn sweats to church a few times but only because I was somplace cold for several hours and didn't have time to go home and change first (leaving work at 5p and mass starts at 5:30p).
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