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Bloody Noses
tlkittycat1968 posted:
Poor DS. He had a bloody nose Saturday and Sunday night. Nothing like seeing the lower half of your kid's face covered in blood. At least last night he was in the bath when it happened but DD thought she caused it and kept crying and saying she didn't mean to. I reassured her she didn't do it, it just happens.

Both times I just had him lie on the bed watching cartoons for 30 minutes before I let him get up and it seemed to work.
Pround mom of PJ (5) and Kylee (3).
earleyml1012 responded:
Sorry to hear that he's been having nose bleeds.

Not sure if this will comfort you or not but my little brother had nose bleeds often as a child for no reason. I think some people are just more prone to them. However, if these continue frequently, I'd call his doctor just to have him checked out.

My DD would cry too thinking she caused it to happen. I've been struggling with anxiety and had a breakdown at bfast on Saturday morning. DD started crying b/c she thought she had done something wrong.

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