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Our first concussion...
kc_94920 posted:
This weekend we wrapped up a geat ski season with 3 more medals, two podium finishes, a league title (yeah Mady!!) and a concussion for Logan.

According to his coach, DS oversot a landing and landed on his back while the team was playing in the terrain park. He immediately shrugged off the crash and continued about his day with more jumps and even his first perfect 360.

I was a bit concerned and thought something was off later that night when he was getting confused with his retelling of the days events but he insisted he was fine and appeared completely normal Monday morning. Two hours later, at 9:30 am, the school nurse called and told me he was vomiting and complaining of a bad headache. He'd mentioned the ski crash to her and she immediately suspected a concussion. I picked him up and rushed him to the pedi who confirmed and assesed the concussion and put the poor boy on "brain rest" for the rest of the week. He can't go to school, play sports or strain himself in anyway. He's been so lethargic and sad for the last 22 hours that it breaks my heart.

Any ideas or recommendations on how to keep him comfortable and happy are appreciated. TIA.
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seeit2 responded:
Wow, that's a scary thing - I'm glad he got checked out and he'll be ok! I don't have any good suggestions except to give him time for mellow play, which might be hard for an active guy.

We had a concussion scare in Florida when my 3-yr old, wrapped cocoon-like in a towel, took a header and hit a paving stone without any means to stop himself. He has a deep gouge in his forehead. The nurses said they would do a head x-ray before stitching him up to make sure of no concussion but I declined...and then stressed out over it for two days until I was sure he was OK. In his case it really was just a boo boo but you really can't tell right off the bat, can you?

What kinds of things can he do with his brain? Can he play video games? Read? Play cards? He must be pretty bummed, huh?
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mrswhitecastle responded:
Yikes! No good ideas here -- a week is a long time for a little kid! I hope the week goes quickly for both of you.
Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
iocasta responded:
Oh dear! Hopefully first and last. No suggestion on how to make the time fly. Poor guy.
baby1at35 replied to iocasta's response:
Oh no. Hope he heals quickly. That is scary.
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