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4 yr old behavior
overwhelmed_momma posted:
I'm one stressed out momma. I have a 4 year old who is out of control. I could really use other parents insight. She doesn't listen at all, is a winer, aggressive, and just plain naughty. I'm so stressed out! I'd honestly rather stay at work then come home and deal with it. I miss the days when I was excited to see her and we could have a good time together, but now I want nothing more than for her to just leave me alone. I hate feeling this way. I love my daughter with all my heart and love to be around her when she is good, which for the last year her good days are few and far between. I know they say to keep calm even when they are naughty but it is so hard. She is very intelligent and curious. I guess I just don't understand why she continues to act like this. Any comments will help. Thank you in advance
Anon_3162 responded:
Do you put her in a time-out? I find that sometime my DD just needs to have some time alone to think about her behavior. Also, sit down and talk to her about how her behavior is not acceptable and how you would like her to act. Is she in daycare? How is her behavior there? I've also found that reading books to DD about certain behavior issues, helps her understand better what I have a hard time putting into 4 yr old language. Good luck!
Britt0912 responded:
I have a little boy turning 4 in less than 2 months. He has been so terrible that i feel the exact same way. Although my situation is slightly different because I also had a baby 4 months ago. Although he was acting this way before the new baby arrived. I've tried every tactic to calm my son down, and nothing has really worked. As of recently, he's been getting a lot of time outs in his room. I dont know if your daughter is hyper, full of energy, but my son is. So we're creating more energy burning activities, and less sugar and juices.
I dont know if that helps, but at least you're not alone!!!

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