An excerpt from my day....
mrswhitecastle posted:
All over one beloved lovey, named Baby Pooh.

Me: What is that smell? Oh, Elizabeth, Baby Pooh stinks.
Elizabeth: No, he doesn't.
Emily: That's probably because I threw him in the trash can.
Me: You WHAT???
Emily: It's OK. Don't worry, I just pulled him back out.
Me: That's it. He is getting washed.
Elizabeth: Nooooooo.... I will miss him.
Me: He smells like sour milk and burnt cheese. And, I don't think his shirt was gray when I bought him. He's getting washed.
Elizabeth: But - sob - he - sob - does - sob - n't - sob - stiiiiiiiiiiink....

A little while later....

Emily: Why is Elizabeth sitting on the stairs?
Me: She misses Baby Pooh. Go play.

A little while later.....

Elizabeth: I heard a beep -- he's done!
Me: No, that was the microwave.
Elizabeth: But, he's been gone forevvvveeeerrrrrr...
Me: It's been 15 minutes, go play.

Finally the washer is done.

Elizabeth: He's done!!!!
Me: Now he needs to go in the dryer.
Elizabeth: He - sob - isn't - sob - dirty. I haven't seen him all daaaaaayyyyyyyy.
Me: If I need you, I assume you'll be on the stairs again.

Finally the dryer is done.

Me: Here he is.
Elizabeth: Oh he smells so good. He really was stinky before. You should have washed him sooner, Mommy.
Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
iocasta responded:
I'm laughing so hard I have tears. What a heartless mother you are. LOL
baby1at35 responded:
haha! That is so funny!
Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
earleyml1012 responded:
HA! I love the drama of little girls. My DD does stuff like this, you think their world is going to end. Glad her Baby Pooh is nice and clean and ready for some more fun!