Not wearing underwear
Anon_149266 posted:
My DD didnt put her underwear underneath her dress! She says she just forgot. She had dressed herself and she wasnt wearing any leggings either. The dress was just above knee length.[br>[br>This happened a few days ago.That day we had gone out to some family and friends' houses to invite for a get together at our place....and the whole time she didnt have her underwear under her dress...I noticed it after we came home... I didnt tell her anything as she always does wear underwear. I am just worried about the whole thing being unhygienic and hopefully no one saw anything.
mrswhitecastle responded:
It happens. Each of my daughters have done it before. I'm sure everything is fine, and no one probably say anything. Since it was family and friends you visited, they probably would have said something if they had noticed it.
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