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My daughter is a giant
momagain2011 posted:
My sweet Emma just turned 5 in February and is in the 95th % for height and 99th % for weigth. She has always been on the higher end for both/ She was actually born 5 wks early and weighed 6 lbs. She is actvie and is a pretty decent eater. Her doctors have never said anything about her weight. I guess as a mother Im just concerned for her health. She wears a 6x to a 7 but even the length fits her. She has a tummy but thats about it. She also has a lot of bowl issues, we just assumed thats why her tummy was hard and round. Should I be concerned or just let her grow into her body?
mrswhitecastle responded:
Sounds like you have a nice, healthy girl. I wouldn't be concerned.

Elizabeth turned 6 in February, and I'm moving her up to a size 7, or even 8 depending on the shirt. She's always been a size larger than her age, and wore 6x's most of the time she was 5 years old.
Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
miob responded:
If you trust your pediatrician, I would use them as the guage. We're on the other end of the spectrum with DS who is in the 20th percentile for height and 4th for weight. But the pedi isn't concerned, so neither am I. He said DS is growing perfect for him - as long as he stays around the same percentiles and we're not seeing large jumps one way or the other, he's right on track.
iocasta responded:
If your pedi didn't say anything, I doubt there is anything to worry about. If you are still worried contact your pedi. It sounds like her height and weight are proportional, which is what they look for. Tall people are in general going to weigh more than short people, even tall skinny people. Levi is 90th in height and 80th in weight. His is skinny super hard body. He will be 7 in a few weeks but has been wearing size 8 pants since last fall but cinched super tight. If it wasn't for adjustable waist bands, he would have trouble finding pants. As for a little tummy that is generally normal at this age.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Sounds like you just have a big girl. DS is usually in the 75% for height but the 20% for weight (tall and skinny).
Pround mom of PJ (5) and Kylee (3).
crunk05177 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Our pedi says the same long as the curve follows the same path through the years, they do not worry. If she suddenly went from 20% to 90% for weight, that would be a red flag but if she's been 90% always then it isn't a big deal.
Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (6) and DS2 - Nathan (3 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
tlkittycat1968 replied to crunk05177's response:
DS has definitly followed the curve. Once his weight was below the 5% but it was above the 10% at his next appointment so the doctor wasn't worried. He eats well but takes after my mom's side of the family, tall and slender.
Pround mom of PJ (5) and Kylee (3).
kc_94920 responded:
I have a giant too, actually, I have three kids who have spent the majority of their life above the 90th percentile for height. Coco turned 5 in March and is 46.5 inches tall, I believe that put her around the 96th %tile. She barely weighs 40 pounds so was much lower on the scale for weight.

DD1 was also a top of the chart girl from babyhood until late in 2nd grade. In the last 2 years she's fallen from the 95%tile to a mere 45th for height. Her weight has always been about 50% and is now around 40th. I'm guessing my genes are finally showing through as I am only 5'2 and didn't hit 100 pounds until close to 21.
KC~ Mady (10) Logan (7.5) and Coco (4.5)
momagain2011 replied to kc_94920's response:
My ex is 6'3 and 270 built like a football player (solid). I see Emma taking after him and then our son who is almost 20 months is only in the 20th % , he is still in a 12 month clothing and swims in 18months. He is very small like me. I am 5'1 and 104.

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