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toddler not going potty
An_251431 posted:
I have a 4 year old who's refusing to go potty he says it hurts to go. I go threw this with him once a month. He eats fruits and veggies. I don't know what to do anymore. We have taken him to 2 drs. and they gave me medicine for him but he still tries to hold it in.
mrswhitecastle responded:
It can take awhile, months even, for that fear to go away. Keep giving him the meds the doctors gave. It will get to a point he can't hold it anymore. After awhile of it not hurting, he should start to get over his fear.

We try to do things to distract DD when she is having problems. She likes to sing songs and read books. Sometimes just having someone in there with her helps.
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
What my cousin's pedi advised was to have him go potty in the potty chair if he's using the toilet or use the toilet if he's using the potty chair. Kids will associate whichever they use with the pain and won't go. Once they start going again regularly, they can go back to whichever one they were using.
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lenono97 responded:
We seem to have the same problem with DD about every other week. I am pretty sure she is holding it in because she has BM smears in her underwear. I think she holds it in because it hurts to go. Other times I think she just doesn't want to stop playing! But it is SO furstrating! When I mentioned it to the pedi at her last appointment she suggested daily prunes. We buy the individually wrapped ones and she will eat one every day. We call it a "big raisin." I think it helps a little. Lots of praise also works well with her. We get really excited when she goes in the potty and doesn't dirty her pants. I even gave her a sucker last time I was so excited and this made her really happy as well!

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