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Sealants for teeth?
iocasta posted:
Levi had a cleaning yesterday. His 6 year molars are completely in. The dentist noticed that they are deeply grooved and one is discoloring already in the deep grooves. He suggested that we use a sealant on them to help prevent tooth decay, which we are going to do. I have super soft teeth with tons of filings even though I was an avid toothbrusher. It sounds easy enough but was wondering if anyone else has done this.
mrswhitecastle responded:
It's funny you mention this, Emily has an appointment in 2 weeks to have hers sealed, too. The dentist said that she has deep groves. Insurance covers most of it. They said it would be like painting their nails -- easy and painless. The hardest part would just be keeping the tooth dry while they did it.

I remember having mine sealed as a kid, too.
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baby1at35 responded:
We have an appt. in July for sealants. Dentist said like painting their teeth. I think it is a good idea. I didn't have it done but I think my brother did and it helped.
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iocasta responded:
That what our dentist said. I guess it must be pretty routine these days. It makes a lot of sense. I wish they did this when I was a kid. It could have save me a lot of dental trauma. I'm just glad that he will be able to do this.
tlkittycat1968 replied to iocasta's response:
My old dentist did it on my permanent teeth. My current dentist says the sealant is old but it's holding up.
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crunk05177 responded:
I remember having it done when I was a kid. It's no big deal at all! Anything to protect the teeth I think is a good idea. We have appts in July, when we go, I am going to ask about it since his molars are in.

While we are talking about teeth, I have a weird question. Michael gets a lot of "calcium buildup" on his teeth as per the dentist. Anything we can do about this?
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