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"redshirting" kindergarten article
baby1at35 posted:

I found this article really interesting. Henry is now in 2nd grade and academically right where he should be and beyond. Physically he is the biggest in the class. Age wise? He is the YOUNGEST! The teacher realized this on the 2nd conference we had. She said he looks like a 3rd grader or more so more is expected of him.
Before kindergarten I agonized over holding him back or not. I knew that academically/physically he would be fine but emotionally it could be hard. And yes it was. But this year with a great teacher working with him he is doing well. To keep it up we have decided summer school is a great decision too.
Last year it was so hard. All the kids in his class were obviously a year or more older. He had such a hard time. And his teacher was of no help (plus the school was not a good fit ).
So anyway each parent has to decide but to decide simply for sports (as my cousin has ) really makes me upset. And the article touches on that too.
Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
baby1at35 responded:
Oh and another thought in my state the cutoff was changed from Oct 15th to July 31st this year. I think trying to get the kids all closer in age so to speak.
Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
crunk05177 responded:
On Long Island and in New York City, the cut off is December 31st!! Well some districts it is December 1st. Michael won't be 7 until December of 2nd grade. If I had to make the decision again, I would have held him back a year I think. However, I think in the long run, he will be doing just fine.

My little one is October 21st....he will also be going into Kindergarten at 4....he is too far from the cutoff though to hold him back a year.
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kc_94920 responded:
We live in CA and the public school cut-off used to be December 1st. Our preschool and the private school we wanted DD1 to go to used a cut-off of July 30th. She was born in late September so did a 3rd year of preschool (Per-K), got into the private school and started K at 5y11m. She thanks us all the time for allowing her to be on th older end of her grade. We did not red shirt her at all.

The state has since moved the cut-off to September 1st, so now the summer birthdays are being questioned rather than the fall birthdays but at least in our perticular town the gap is closing between the public and private school kids.
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miob responded:
The cutoff here is September 1st. DS has a Sept 26th birthday, so unless we want to have him tested in (which you can do if they have a birthday from 9/1-9/30), he will start kindergarten the following year.

I have no issue with him waiting an extra year. I'm sure he would be fine academically starting this year, but I like the idea of him getting another year of preschool under his belt socially. Additionally, he's tiny for his age and with his physical disability, I am hoping he'll catch up a little physically (knowing he'll never be exactly where the other kids are).

I'm glad the town made the decision easy for me with the cutoff they have. If he was scheduled to start this year, we probably would send him, but it definitely would have given me pause.

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