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kids playing "Doctor"- LONG, sorry
My DS is 5, as is our neighbor boy. They are without a doubt BFF's! Last summer they were cought playing Doctor on more than one occasion. I know they had taken their pants down and possibly touched each others private parts. We talked with my son AT LENGTH about this and even bought books, etc. I thought we were past it and fast forward to yesterday when I cought them looking "guilty" in the back yard and come to find out they were up to it again! I'm not so much upset about the fact that they are curious, as I know this is probably normal, but I'm upset that we have spoken to my son SOO many times about how it's not ok and he still did it. He it typically very honest and he said it was the neighbor boys idea and that the neighbor boy touched him and not vice versa. Of course, I can only believe my son. My theory has been (and this is all my assumption) that their family is not as open as ours when it comes to things like nudity. My son sees both me and my husband undressed and I would bet that things are not the same in the neighbors house. They also have a 9 year old girl so they are probably more conscious of nudity. I feel like the neighbor boy is more curious than my son and that it was his suggestion (again, just my opinion) but I don't know what to do. If my son is letting a 5 year old influence him what would happen if it was an adult. He knows all the "right answers" about who is allowed to see/touch him there but it still happened.
lenono97 responded:
I think you handled it right the first time. However, since it happened again, I would go to the parents, if you have not done that already. I am sure it will be awkward, but they should know what happened so they can have a discussion with their son. Have another long discussion with your son. I would probably monitor their play for a while as well. Good luck.

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