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First grade
An_250536 posted:
My DD starts first grade this August and she will be in full day until 3. This is going to be her first time where she will be in full day school. I am a lil anxious about it. I dont know whether I should pack lunch for her or should she just have the cafeteria lunch. Do you all knw how it all works? I mean, if she takes her own lunch bag, then she still has to go to cafeteria to have her lunch, right? And what if she wants one of the items there? Does she have to stand in line with the other bigger kids like the higher graders? Any lunch box ideas?
crunk05177 responded:
I honestly pack my son's lunch most days that way I know he is eating well. I also went over with him that he first eats his sandwhich or at least half, then his healthy snack then his junky snack. He brings home whatever he doesn't eat, just so I know. I allow him to buy lunch once in awhile and he chooses from calendar when that is. Also, sometimes I will give him extra $$ so he can buy a snack.

Honestly they are so organized and guide them very well. You will be surprised at how grown up she will be in a few months!
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kc_94920 responded:
I think you should ask her what she wants. By first garde both my older kids had pretty strong opinions on which option they wanted. My DD wanted a boxed lunch so we did that. She liked to take either a 1/2 sandwhich (turkey breast, peaunt butter or BLT), or pasta and chicken breast or soup as her main course. I's send that along with some carrots and snap peas w/ ranch dip, a fresh sliced/peeled fruit, and a "treat" which was usually graham crackers, cheddar bunnies, a fig newton or a chunk of manchego cheese and a slice of quince paste. I still pack her lunch (she's 10) and still use the same ideas now with new foods that she's added to her diet along the way (cherry tomatoes, edamame, yellow peppers, dried seaweed, cheese sticks, ceaser salads w/ chicken, etc).

My son wanted "hot lunch" from the first day of first grade. At our school, they send each grade out to the cafeteria at different times and also have different table areas for upper and lower school kids so he was not waiting in line persay with 8th graders but did learn to deal with all different aged kids during lunch period. He still sat with his class to eat though--they have always eaten together regardless of where the lunches come from.
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