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Dose acetaminophen according to weight, not age
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Click link for all the info - why is this JUST now being discovered I wonder?

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Mainemommy responded:
:) having Dd be so small I already knew this used infants tylenol til she was almost 3 as I recall.
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crunk05177 responded:
Maybe because I worked in a pharmacy for quite a few years I knew this already but no offense shouldn't this be common sense? Especially at this age, a few pounds could make a dramatic difference. My nephew and my son are 9 months apart and almost a 15 pound weight difference....I would never think becuase they are both "4" I'd give them the same amount.

But for those that didn't know this....I hope the article did teach you something!
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VicsEandJ replied to crunk05177's response:
I don't think it's just a matter of common sense. The information on the box can be confusing. It gives dosage by age and also includes a weight range.

It's prefectly easy is you child falls within the range for both the age and weight.

But if you kid doesn't- like my DS who ahs always been big for his age- both height and weight.

For example if it says ages2-3 weight 25-35 lbs and your child is 3 but 39 lbs, what would you do?

I would think plenty of people whose kids are outside of the weight ranges for age would not want to give their kids something inappropriate for their age. I think it's more common sense to think that if age is on the bottle, it must matter.

It's really not that clear. Plus since most things with babies and toddlers are geared towards age- like not putting sunscreen on babies until htey are 6 months old, no milk until they are 1 etc, why woulnd't you thinkt he age part was just as, if not even more, important than the weight?

DS's pedi always said to go by weight but there's no reason why it can't just say that on the bottle.

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