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Grandparent drivers and kids
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Study released said that kids are safer with grandparent drivers.

Hmmmm....this isn't true in my family but begs the question:

Do you let grandparents drive your kids? If not, why?

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msoy1 responded:
Sadly; no. My mom passed away years before ds was born. My father was probably the best driver I knew; besides my hubby. He drove everywhere; and I did trust him with my son. Unfortunately he was driving home from State College; on a questionable weather day; rainy; windy; snowy; temperatures just around freezing; something caused him to veer off the road and into a the back of a disabled tractor trailer; and was killed instantly. Fortunately no one else was hurt; but my world was rocked that day. It still wonder why; and what happened; we never asked for an autopsy; so we don't know if it was health related; or what. Then two months to the day; my FIL was in a very bad accident; and it was touch and go with him for a few weeks; he still has no functional use of his left arm; so, needless to say; he is not trusted to drive my son anywhere.

I do not trust anyone to drive him; I know I need to change that thinking; but I cannot. My FIL's wife is not trustworthy; and my MIL has health issues which make me question her ability to drive; I do trust her husband; but then he is not a grandparent; he is just married to a grandparent.
VicsEandJ responded:
My mom doesn't drive my kids anywhere- like me, she doesn't drive at all! :-)
peachyisthelife responded:
My mom lives with me so there's been quite a few times where she's driven my kids somewhere, I trust her. Kinda have to lol. My dad...he doesn't live nearby (parents divorced), he's driven my 5yo few times but that's it. I guess I trust him. I don't know, you know how it takes a whole village to raise a child? It takes a whole village for my kids, too, lol. Between others baby-sitting my kids, needing rides when taking our car to the mechanic, going places with relatives, I have to be able to rely on others to transport my kids once in a while. It's not real often, but sometimes it has to happen. Especially as they get older, there's going to be lots of times (or opportunities) when other parents will give my kids rides and stuff. Of course I always feel better if I'm the one driving them, but I don't freak out if someone else is driving them.
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mommytofivekids responded:
Absolutely NOT. My FIL is in his late 70's and in the last three years has had a few fender benders. He asked asked after DS was born to get him a car seat. I pushed it off on DH and then he said no. FIL was mad. My MIL understands. My SIL, neice and nephew take the kids and I have no problems. I really think FIL has to consider not driving anymore within the next couple years.

My mom passed away the year before DS was born. Not sure if I would have allowed her to drive them or not. My dad lives out West so it's an non-issue but I know he wouldn't be allowed to drive them. He's only in his late 50's but his driving record isn't pretty. lol
ryanandleigh responded:
My parents rarely drive my kids anywhere. Sometimes if they are babysitting we leave them the car and they drive the 2 blocks down to McDonalds and last year we left for 3 days but I don't think they took them too far. I don't think I would feel safe having FIL drive them since his eye sight is bad.
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Mainemommy replied to ryanandleigh's response:
My MIL has NEVER driven my kids even when I was on Bedrest with luke I drove my OB /GYN gave me flack and I said you ride with her and then tell me. My parents preferable unless I'm there my mom have driven my kids they get the whole car car seat and all
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