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my 9month old can't sit up
kristinedenise posted:
my son will be nine months old on the 21st and he can't sit alone....he dosn't even try! He was six weeks premature....what could be keeping him from sitting up by himself?
holly654321 responded:
Ok I dont mean to sound wierd btu I work in early intervention and my degree is in special needs but I am in no way saying that this means that your lo has a problem :pbpt: is he meeting other developmental milestones? does he have floor time? thesea re all important ?? that u need to looka t if the answerss are no then u need to talk to ur pedi for some more advice...hth:)
ambern99 responded:
From what I have read doctors base a premature baby's developmental milestones off their EDD rather then their actual date of birth. So your son's development should be around that of a 7.5 month old instead of a 9 month old. So right now you shouldn't worry too much and if you start working with him on strengthening his muscles he'll probably start sitting up in no time. But you should also talk to the doctor so they will be aware of your concerns.
x822x responded:
Not sure if you mean sit up from laying down or if you place him on the floor in a sitting position. If you mean from laying down flat, I wouldn't worry. Like PP said his gestational age is 7.5 months. My LO does try to sit up from laying down, but she definitely can't do it on her own. If I place her on the floor in a sitting position, she can stay seated all on her own. If that is the case, I'd ask your pedi for their opinion. At four months old she could sit with lots of help and now has progressed to sitting all alone. I would think with support he should sit up. That could be you sitting behind him or a boppy pillow, etc. He may not be ready to do it all alone just yet. My LO on occasion will get over excited and fall backwards so I think that's totally normal or them to still be figuring it all out at this age.
MarissasMommy responded:
My first daughter was 8 weeks early. They definitely base milestones on the EDD instead of the actual birth date. Marissa got some occupational therapy for a while to get her on track. Have they mentioned OT for your LO?
kristinedenise responded:
he gets lots of floor time, he loves to lay in the floor and play, he rolls all over the place and can roll to the toy he wants to get, he even likes to sit in his high chair and play....he just won't do it alone, he dosn't even make the slightest attempt to. and i also have a two year old son and by nine months he was attempting to walk, he was sitting alone at 5 months and crawling at 6 1/ this is really worrying me....he dosn't sit alone, his not crawling, he won't even hold his own bottle yet....and i said something to his dr. two weeks ago and he told me to give it a few months but in a few months he will be almost one....
x822x responded:
My older DD walked at 8.5 months, but you can't compare them for this like this because my LO now doesn't want to crawl, she just tries to stand up. She has had different milestone dates than her sister. My LO isn't holding her bottle, she can but she's lazy ;) She can pick it up off the tray and tries to do it but when you hold her and feed her she won't hold it herself. My pedi said she doesn't consider that a milestone because as long as they pick up other things it's no biggie. Have you introduced a sippie cup? They recommended doing that at 5 months and that gives them practice with self feeding. Just remember he's 7.5 months gestational so at this point they start trying to move around (scooting or arm crawl), sitting up with assistance (like a pillow behind him) should be the norm. If he can't do that (not alone, with you placing him in the seated position....again my 7 month old cannot sit up from the floor by herself and that is normal) perhaps you can discuss it again with the pedi. I wouldn't worry too much though. Babies walk anywhere from 9 months to 14 months or even later. And my older DD didn't really crawl at all. She went from just pulling up, beginning to crawl to walking in a months time. So it can happen very quickly.
Landon08 responded:
My LO wasn't sitting up good by himself, so we got a Bumbo seat and now he can sit unassisted for about a minute or two. My LO won't hold his bottle either. Pure laziness. But I do recommend a sippy..he loves his sippy and actually drinks out of it, rather than just using it as a play toy. I wouldn't worry at all. Your doc would have said something if he thought something was off. And your LO was a preemie, so nothing to worry about :)

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