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infant blackheads
rockinmama18 posted:
DS has had eczema since he was a few weeks old. It started out as really bad (what we thought was) infant acne. Then it cleared somewhat and was just really red like a rash on his cheeks. We finally switched his bath products, laundry detergent and lotions and he has an Rx that has cleared up the redness and raised areas. But both his cheeks still have tons of blackheads. His skin looks soooooo much better and healthier but I WANT those blackheads GONE!! It's all I can do not to hold him down and start squeezing or get out my Biore strips. Don't worry, I would never do that...but does anyone else have experience with the blackheads and do they go away on their own?
babylove303 responded:
Hello, I see that you posted this 2 years ago but was wondering if your baby's blackheads ever went away? My DS is 9 months old and has had eczema and infant acne, which both have improved but he also has blackheads that have been there forever! Did your son's blackheads go away on their own or did you have to put something on them? Thanks!

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