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Bath question
jeniece125 posted:
Hello, I was wondering if you guys really give your babies baths everyday? I cannot do it! ha ha so I was wondering how often you guys give your babies baths? :)
rockinmama18 responded:
DS has eczema so I would bathe him every other day to avoid over drying his skin. On the days I didn't give him a bath, I would just wash him off with a warm wash cloth before bed, especially his folds, peri area, neck, face, and hands. But now that he is crawling and into everything and eating more solid foods and self feeding... he gets really messy and I always sleep better when I am clean so I give him a bath everynight. now. But I have a 2 year old that gets a bath everynight. so I just throw him in with her.
wifeyintraining responded:
DS only gets 2-3 baths a week. We just haven't really gotten ourselves in a good routine for it and i clean him off all the time (like after meal times and such) so he always seems clean to me. I should probably do it more often but it still seems like such a production.
DianaG49424 responded:
DD only gets a bath 2x a week right now but once she starts crawling it will probably be every night or every other. If she doesn't smell or look dirty I don't worry about it.
BabyMakesFive2009 responded:
Colton gets a bath usually every other night/morning, depending on what day it is. DH and I both work so if the sitter is going to be here the nexst day, we bathe all three of them at night. If it's a day where one of us will be home the next day, we just wait until morning. It's kind of confusing, LOL. 99% of the time, the girls get a bath every day, with Colton every other time.
cutiekim82 responded:
we do it every other night. every day just seems too excessive- DS has excema also so i dont want to dry him out.
mayasmommy09 replied to cutiekim82's response:
I can only bathe DD once or twice a week she is allergic to most types of soap so if we bathe her more than that she breaks out in a huge rash
linzybinzy replied to mayasmommy09's response:
waydon gets a bath almost everyday, he is a sloppy eater and it helped him sleep better in the begining. he also loves it like crazy!
mmarieSki responded:
Gage gets one daily because he goes to daycare. I have issues with him coming home and having the smell of another person on him. Not a bad smell, I am not sure why it bothers me so much! Oh, an her drools sooooo bad so I feel like he needs it anyway.
eliz1497 replied to rockinmama18's response:

James is 3 months now, and i have given him a bath everyday since 6 weeks only because it is part of our nightime routine, and if I don't he will never go to sleep! I only wash him with soap every other day to avoid his skin drying out. On the days i don't wash him, i just put him in the water and let him splash around for about ten minutes. I also put a little baby oil in the water EVERY NIGHT, and that really helps with the dry skin.
pridgeon responded:
I bathe River about 2-3xs a week depending on my schedule. Since she isn't crawling yet she doesn't get too dirty. I have a question for all of you ladies. What do you bathe your LO in? We still use the infant bath but she's getting too big. She doesn't sit unsupported enough to go right into the tub tho and our sinks are way too small.
Bailey98029 responded:
We are soooooo bad with bathing. We probably bathe her 2 times if she's lucky :) When the weather warms up and she's in sunblock and in the dirt outside she'll probably get baths almost every day like DS does during the summer but right now she stays pretty clean.
mmarieSki replied to pridgeon's response:
We had been giving Gage his baths in the tub since he was able to sit up on his own. He goes right in with DD. Way easier for us. I remember my sister had this thing that sat in the tub -like a tube shaped seat - to keep her LO sitting upright but when I went looking for one for Gage I never found it.
Emmyl replied to mmarieSki's response:
DS gets an every other day bath. I've always heard that Americans overbathe anyway. lol Can you really overbathe? We will probably stick to that, at least until summer when he starts moving around more and sweating. He's recently gotten excema on his back too, so I don't want to dry him out too much.
jesabelle replied to pridgeon's response:
I started having this problem. Tyson LOVES to take a bath. He loves to kick and splash but he was getting too long for his infant tub but cant sit well enough for the big tub. I bought a Leachco Bath 'N Bumper. Its awesome!! It cushoins around him enough so he can sit or he can just lean back. My only negative so far is that it doesnt hold its own water - you have to fill the big tub so it just seems kind of wasteful as far as water goes but he likes it and he isnt shoving his head against the side of the plastic tub and getting pissed off anymore so we'll just deal with the excess water use.

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