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Should They Change it Back?
scperdomo posted:

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Should WebMD Change the boards back?
  • Yes, this is ridiculous
  • No, I like it!
  • I don't care either way
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Emmyl responded:
I hate this new exchange thing! So much more difficult. It almost makes me not want to participate. But I would miss you all too much. What were they thinking?!
Mybaby83 responded:
yes! I usually am all about change and I can figure things out pretty easily but this is weird, I don't like it! I can't find anything!
scperdomo responded:
I am a big fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I don't understand where they got that something was wrong with the way things were and that they needed to "fix" the boards. If this is the final product..... I am very disappointed. However, the "poll" option, I like :)
mylilbuddy responded:
if i hadnt have takent the time to write the web address down i woudl have never found this board exchange or whatever they call it now. so i would have had no choice but to stop using webmd boards.
heather7257 responded:
I really miss the old version, but I think I could get used to this. It took me forever to even find the 6-9 month board but now that I am here it makes a little more sense. My biggest fear is that people will start to deflect to other forums and we will loose our great group and stimulating discussions. My hope is that everyone will give it a fair try for this sake alone!
scperdomo replied to heather7257's response:
I agree, I really don't want to go somewhere else, and as much as I wish they would bring the old boards back, I might stick around just to see who else stays..... but if the majority of people leave, I might too..... :(
wifeyintraining replied to scperdomo's response:
That's kind of how I feel. I don't really want ppl to migrate to other boards because I love this group of mommies! But i hate these. I've already joined a couple of webmd momma created boards. It wouldn't be too bad if we all agreed on 1 board to migrate to though.
heather7257 replied to wifeyintraining's response:
Yeah, that would be fine with me if everyone went to the same new board. I posted this on the 3-6 month board, but I feel like we already lost a ton of people just with the transition. I bet people just couldn't find their way here. I know it took me forever. Sad day.....
cujaybird responded:
Hate it!
shanda0914 replied to scperdomo's response:
Even though i don't like the new change i will be sticking around. I Hope a few are going to stick around i'll be all alone lol The only thing i do like are the polls that they have now.
aruth87 responded:
I don't post on here very often, but I preferred the old set up of the boards. I know there are many of us that access them while at work so we can't use other forums. I just hope everyone still sticks around.
Emmyl replied to aruth87's response:
I wonder if anyone is 'watching" these boards so that they will know how much we all dislike them now. Anywhere we can complain? i don't know if they could switch them back since it was probably quite a big job to change them.
laurab1979 replied to shanda0914's response:
I am going to be here no matter what because this is where I hang out while at work. I prefer the old format, but this is doable, after a period of adaptation, I am sure I will be fine. It will really suck if everyone leaves though. I wrote an email to support to ask them to change it back.
petra09 responded:
ok im way confused, is this the new board that im posting in right now????

i do not like this at all.

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