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Starting fruits
pridgeon posted:
River was 6months old yesterday. We have went through all of the veggies, doing one a week. Now we are ready to introduce fruits. So, I assume we still give veggies while giving the fruits? Like, River gets oatmeal cereal (2tbs) and a contaner of veggies in the morning, a container of veggies at lunch, and we are going to start adding a container for supper. She nurses every 2-2 1/2hrs still. Do I just replace a veggie? If so do I alternate 2 veggies one day, 2 fruits the next? Also when do I intoduce a sippy cup?

River is my 2nd child but Tyler is 7 yrs old so it's been a while.
Thank you!
wifeyintraining responded:
I gave both to DS when we were doing fruits and veggies. I home made my baby food, so at lunch and dinner i would give him 2 ounces of veggies and 2 onces of fruit.. which would be like half a jar of both. HTH!
Poisongirl98 responded:
My DS is 7 months yesterday and we do a cereal and fruit in the morning, fruit and veggie in the afternoon, and cereal and veggie in the evening, and sometimes a baby mum-mum or these organic non-wheat teething biscuits I just found. I do either 1 cube (homemade) or 1/2 jar of fruit or veggie, or more or less depending on his mood. I try to pair more "binding" foods (like banana or rice) with foods that make him go so he doesn't get constipated. Also, you can introduce a sippy now, but I've discovered my DS likes it better if I take the valve out, even though he often gets too much water at a time
jesabelle responded:
My LO is 6 months old. We are still trying foods but he has a pretty good sized variety already. I give him a fruit (1oz) with his cereal in the morning (mainly to help with constipation because he eats the cereal plain). I rotate through apples, pears, bananas, peaches, and prunes. We will do mangos and blueberries soon. In the evening I try to do a fruit and a veggie (1oz of fruit and 2oz of veggies). So far he has had squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, and now avacado (actually a fruit). I do a different fruit at dinner than he had at lunch. I have turnips and potatoes made but he hasnt had them yet. Also he still takes an average of 24oz of formula a day - 4 6oz bottles.

The info sheet I got at my LO's 6 month appt said to start introducing a sippy cup at 6 months. I'm waiting though. I just dont think he is ready for it yet. He's only been eating fruits and veggies for a month. We use Avent bottles and I have the sippy spouts and handles that attach to the bottles so we will start with those whenever we do start.

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