Did anyone else notice?
wifeyintraining posted:
That they changed the font to black? At least once its posted anyway.. because now that i'm typing this my font is gray again... bleh. But once its posted its black. That would be 1 point for webmd.. there is still a lot to fix though.
scperdomo responded:
I noticed that, you would think they would make it so that it's black when you type the post as well..... seems silly....

I went over to CafeMom to check things out....... they sure have a ton of different forums! Have you been over there?
wifeyintraining replied to scperdomo's response:
yeah... I'm on Jill's board.. but there are definitely a lot of different boards you can join. I've been enjoying reading the drama lately.. lol. Just gotta keep from getting involved!
laurab1979 responded:
It is MUCH easier to read now that its black again. Next step... add the siggy's back... and the smilies, too.

I have been to cafemom a bit, I can't access it at work, and its hard to be on the laptop at home with DS sitting on my lap (as I am sure you all know). There are so many forums that its a little overwhelming, but I did join Jill's board.