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Giving baby water?
cjl0510 posted:
I have heard that it's bad to give a baby under 1 straight water, and the only thing they should have at this point is breastmilk or formula. What have you guys heard? Are you giving your baby water?
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:

I believe they say that water should not take the place of milk. You don't want your little one getting full on that and refusing milk or drinking less milk. But call your pediatrician to be sure, he/she knows your baby's health history and would know best.
And don't forget about our Parenting Community here on WebMD. There is a pediatrician there for your questions and concerns.
Anmar22 responded:
I've been giving my 7 month old DD a little water here and there, never as a replacement for formula except once when we were flying and we ran out of formula...oops but she still didn't drink much. I mostly give it to her if she's sitting on my lap and she sees me drinking a glass of water and she's curious she's never had a problem with it. Definately not enough to get full off of because they need the nutrients they get from formula. So I would say a little water is ok.
starrchild0607 responded:
It's absurd to say that water is a problem for a baby. What is the main component in breastmilk or formula? WATER, anyway you shouldn't use it as a replacement of food, but a little water won't hurt your bay. It should,however be distilled or purified water not just regular tap.
Larich_408 responded:
im definitely in agreeance with the other pp's. normally i wait until my kids are eating finger foods.. so around 6 months. DD is 7.5 months and sometimes I offer her a sippy cup of water while she's eating.. or even when she's playing. She sees big brother's and wants to be like him

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