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Anyone See Teeth Yet?
MizzMegan posted:
My little boy is 7 months old and has yet to pop any teeth! It's driving me nuts cause I know his gums are bothering him because He bites anything he can get his tiny hands on plus he's drooling like CRAZY! His gums are even swollen and have been for the last month but STILL NO TEETH! What do I do?
cyberkat99 responded:
In the same situation with our 7 month old daughter, but she's been biting and drooling a lot since she was about 3 months old. We give her tylenol at night sometimes because that seems to be when it bothers her most. I've been freezing one of her burp cloths for her to chew on too and she seems to like that better than any of the teethers. It also seems to ease some of her discomfort. Her pediatrician said we just have to wait it out till they come in.
JMomma1 responded:
my daughter got her two bottom teeth at four months and at six months shes getting her two top teeth. theyve been popping through for almost 2 weeks. (she will be 7mos on the 28th). she has been doing so good with teething! she isnt fussy at all. and she LOVES to eat, and always begging up on my food- silly girl! some babies are born with teeth. my friends daughter didnt get any teeth til she was one... every baby is different. good luck- and merry christmas!!!
BluuJae responded:
My 8 month daughter has just her two bottom teeth. My son got his bottom teeth at 6 months old. Some babies are born with teeth and some don't get them til one year. Once my son got his two bottom teeth, all the rest came barreling in! Good luck with teething!

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