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Baby's getting his first tooth : )
EMB2006 posted:
Just had to share this....

My 6 month old son has his first tooth coming in!! At his 4 month appointment the pedi told us he was cutting 6 teeth at one time-4 on top & 2 on bottom-all in the front. I just happen to glance at his gums earlier today and noticed a front tooth on the bottom is actually breaking the skin & coming in!! He's been acting normal so it must not be bothering him too much. Guess that means the others are not far behind!!

Thanks for letting me share the news!! Hope everyone has a good day!
Erin, Josh & baby Lucas born July 26, 2010 - 9 lbs, 10 oz 21 inches
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks for sharing!

I totally remember my daughters first tooth (she just turned 6 and is losing them now!)

She was on her back on the changing table and was laughing - I saw a flash of white and couldn't believe it! It was her "vampire" tooth and came in very fast. So it looked like she had an evil fang

Have a great weekend with baby!

Ellasmommy811 responded:
Yay for teeth! My 6mo old keeps acting like she has the two top and bottom ones coming in but nothing yet.

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