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Pooping Herself Awake
kc_jane posted:
I'm looking for some help. My daughter is 6 months old, and has always been a pretty good sleeper. We were down to a consistent one wake up per night a few weeks ago, so after consulting our doctor, we decided to cut out our last middle of the night feeding. That part has worked fine, and I am actually finding that my daughter eats more overall after we cut the out the mid-night snacks.

To go along with this, we also decided to go ahead with some sleep training. It has gone great, and I am 100% sure she would be sleeping a full 11 - 12 hours a night except that for the last 7 nights straight she has pooped herself awake every morning around 4 - 5 AM.

I don't know how to handle this. I have tried two approaches:

1. Change the diaper with the least amount of interaction possible. I actually do it in her crib and in the dark by placing a diaper cloth underneath her. I never pick her up.
2. If she wakes up within 1 hour of her normal awakening time (6 AM or later), I leave her in the crib. At bedtime, I lather her up with more diaper cream than you can imagine and thus far, no diaper rash has emerged. The result usually includes a leaky diaper and the resultant laundry, but my daughter otherwise seems no worse for wear.

The problem is this: I hate leaving her in her dirty diaper for obvious reasons, but no matter what I do to decrease the impact of the diaper change, she refuses to go back asleep. Last night this resulted in her waking up at 4:30 AM and never returning to sleep for the rest of the night until her morning nap. If I let her stew in her own juices, she normally goes back to sleep within 30 minutes of fussing.

So, what do I do? Do I continue to do the midnight changes and hope that her late night pooping goes away on its own? Do I let her sit in her diaper because that's the only way I guarantee good sleep?

Note: My daughter just started solid foods about a month ago and only started really eating in earnest maybe 2 weeks ago. The late night pooping has also been accompanied by more daytime pooping as well. The girl who used to go once a day everyday is now a 3X/day girl.

The best solution would obviously be that she stops the late night pooping, but I have no idea how to make that happen. If anyone has any ideas for decreasing frequency of poop, keep me posted!
Ellasmommy811 responded:
I saw that same bowel reaction with my daughter when she just started solid foods, but as her body got more used to them she has gone back to once maybe twice a day pooping. I know my daughter normally poops around time for her morning nap and she will wake up early, poop, wants to be changed and then wants a bottle and to go back to sleep for a little while. Also sometimes she won't drink as much as she normally would if she needs to poop, and then wants the rest of it once she has a clean bum.

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