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7 month old not sleeping
An_222315 posted:
My 7 month old is still not sleeping though the night. She will sleep about 5-6 hours and wake up. When she wakes up I let her cry a little and as soon as I give her a bottle she will fall right back to sleep. Is she waking because she is hungry or is it just a habit. I don't want to not go in and feed her if she is hungry. What is the normal length of time that she should be sleeping? What is the best way to get her to sleep though the night?
phoenix31674 responded:
Some kids are better sleepers than others. Some kids still aren't sleeping through the night at 1 year. My DS is 8 months, goes to bed around 7, gets up around 3 and then sometimes gets up around 6-7 or others will sleep through until 9. Right now he's getting up twice during the night many nights because I think he's reacting badly to pears with lots of 'skid' marks. of course he's also the type that will not sleep with a wet diaper and will scream bloody murder until you change him, so there really isn't cry it out with him since when he cries, it's almost always because he's wet - even if you just changed him.

Maybe try more solids before bed as they digest more slowly than formula.
babysmith98036 responded:
My baby is 7 months and still wakes up every 3-4 hours. She goes to bed between 7-8 then wakes up between 11-12 to nurse, I put her back in bed and then wakes up again between 3-4. At this point I am so exhausted I bring her in my bed and nurse her back to sleep. I figured she does it to be close to me, but I do wish she would just sleep thur the night already!
Your not alone!
snotter replied to babysmith98036's response:
I am right there with you. My son is 6months and still up every 3hours. He will not stop crying unless you feed him...then he does pass back out. He fusses in his sleep alot too. Not like my first child. I'm at a loss too
Arby123 replied to snotter's response:
I can empathize. Our son is 7 months old. Over the last several weeks, he has started waking up, crying, once or twice during the night. Sometimes his diaper is wet, sometimes not. We feed him 4-6 ounces of formula and he will usually go back to sleep within an hour. I think he may have spoiled us, because during his 5th and 6th months he would sleep 9-11 hours straight.

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