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Is constantly sleeping in the swing bad for babies???
abennett1002 posted:
My 7 month old daughter will ONLY sleep in her swing! Every since about 3 month she will only sleep through the night if she is in her swing or her carseat! I HATE IT!! I've tried and tried transitioning her to the crib but she crys and crys and makes me feel horrible by day 3 and I always cave and put her back in the swing. Is it bad for her to be sleeping there all night? I feel bad because she is strapped into the swing and can't move around very much. She is my fourth and NONE of my other babies did this!! HELP!
sliverfroggy responded:
I don't really know the answer to your question on if is bad or not but my first DD slept in her swing until she was about 13 month old. It was a swing that was more like a rocking seat. The seat actaully came out of the base and turned into a rocking chair. She slept for the night in her crib but for some reason up till about 13 months she too her naps in her swing seat. Hope this helps some. She is now 2 1/2 and is just fine. Needless to say my 8 month old doesn't get that much time in the swing. :)
Katya1985 responded:
Well, my son would not sleep any where but the swing until 5 months(the swing became too small) and the we had to put him in a reclining feeding chair and move it back and front. The minute i would put him in a crib he would wake up and scream his lungs out until i put him back. If she loves it that much then she is very comfy in it I would not worry about it plus she sleeps through the night you are so lucky.
ami_nix responded:
Actually, my son (3 1/2 months) will only sleep in his swing and then only if he's faced towards us so, if he wakes he can see us. If we face the swing in any other direction, he'll wake up and cry until we fix it. I've been worried sick that it may be unsafe for him to not be flat on his back or that he might get hurt because of the straps or the fact that the swing rocks and the doctors say that you don't want your baby to go too deep into sleep. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one and I'm glad that this situation proved safe for other babies :)
abennett1002 responded:
I talked to my pediatrician and he sayed that while its not "unsafe" that she will eventually be too big and need to move and that I should start transitioning her now before she tries to roll out of the swing. So the past couple of nights I've been putting her in the swing and letting her fall asleep, then when she's completely asleep I move her over to the crib but I keep the swing on (the music and the noise of it rocking back and forth) she wakes up and cries for a little bit when I put her in the crib, but then falls back asleep. So far its working! :) I'm hoping after a week or so of this to be able to go straight to the crib and skip the swing entirely but I'm not that brave yet!

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