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Hold 8 month old for naps
nana5mc posted:
I baby sit my 8 month old grandson everyday. When he is ready for either his morning or afternoon nap I rock him and he usually goes to sleep in less than 5 min. and then I put him in his crib on his tummy. That is the position he likes to sleep in. But after about 40 min. he wakes up crying. When I go into his room he is on his back and crying very hard and his pacifier is out of his mouth. I try soothing him but he only wants me to hold him. When I do this he goes right back to sleep but I can never get him back in the crib. I usually end up rocking him for his entire nap. How can I get him to nap without holding him?
jadedstar responded:
my 8 month old takes a couple naps during the day and he was used to his great gran holding him to no end when he was tiny and she thought his naps should be couple hours but now he is older if you hold him he will sleep longer but a 30-45 min nap is normal for him he needs less sleep during the day and more activity and play time she actually told me she thought he was sick becuase he wasnt sleeping like he used to he was bored at times and got cranky but if he got more play time he was more tired and nap for almost an hour and was ready to play again he now takes his naps in his play pen and sometimes he wakes up happy sometimes not if he eats right before nap time he wakes up happier if he falls asleep and hasnt had a bottle or baby food within a couple hours he wakes up screaming cuz he hungry again dont know if this helped or not but maybe he has it a groweth spurt and needs smaller naps instead of the longer ones. My little girl never and I MEAN NEVER napped more than 30-45 minutes at a time even when she was 3 months old so every bay is different i know and they all grow so fast some babies like smaller naps than others my lil boy takes a longer nap in the a.m. with me cuz we curl up together after my 8 yr old goes to school but i work weird hours and the late morning is mom and baby nap time together LOL then he only takes 30-45 naps during the day with my mom . he might take 3 naps some days 2 on others. and they are spaced out from 9 am to 6 pm i dont get home til 8 pm or later and most night he is fighting sleep to see me it seems anyways hope i helped
nana5mc replied to jadedstar's response:
Thank you very much for your advice. Like your mom I keep thinking my grandson should take two hour naps. My babies did but that was 35 years ago. LOL. Since I can get him to sleep 30 - 45 min in his crib before he wakes up I suppose that it all he really needs. I don't want to spoil him by holding him too much. Thank you....
jadedstar replied to nana5mc's response:
You can spoil him thats what grans do!!!! and dont be surprised if he decides to take an extra nap sometimes especially if he hits growth spurt . and hold him all you want to but i tell my mom to try and hold him and play with him when he is awake cuz even tho he will sleep while she is hlolding him HE bonds with her and learns from her more when awake. I will never be the one to say not to spoil a baby I am guilty of that but i think when its nap time the sleep better in a crib or pack n play HAVE GREAT DAY
nana5mc replied to jadedstar's response:
Thank you very much for your comments. Being a grandma is better than being a parent..

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