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Circumcision mess in my 7 month old!!!
MeatBR posted:
If anyone can please help us it would be greatly appreciated. My son was circumcised shortly after birth by a local pediatrician with a good rep. But he barely took anything off and now we are having all kinds of problems! The penis head is completely covered up and we were told that we need to retract it and put gel on the head. But we're having constant problems with the skin adhesions to the penis head. One doctor said to pull them apart another said to just leave it alone. I'm scared to death I'm going to ruin my son for life but I can't get a straight answer out of these doctors. AND my 10 yr. old nephew just had to get surgery to fix a "skin bridge" that started out like this! I don't even kniow what a "skin bridge" is. Please help!!!
BecCate responded:
We were told to keep neosporin on it from the day it was done until our son was about 2 weeks old. Our dr also told us (from birth) to extend it out everytime we changed a diaper which we were to clean it everytime anyway. However my son still developed foreskin adhesion and our dr noticed it at the 6mo check up. He pulled it apart for us right then. (After asking if it was ok w/ me of course) After talking to several friends we found that it was much more common than we thought. And a lot of parents just pulled it apart but I was afraid to do it myself. My son is just as fine as ever and we don't seem to be having any trouble out of it. Don't stress over it but it is something that should be adressed while he is still little. Find a dr you trust and take their word and treatment offered. If its important to you it should be important to them as well. I hope this helps=)
jadedstar responded:
Hi, my now 8 month old was circumsized at 2 weeks old by the time he was 2 and half months he had devlped skin adhnsion or skin bridges it is where part of the foreskin adheres to the head but not all of it. he also had a hydrocelphil(sp?) its a hernia in the lower abdoman tha leaks fluid into the ball sack anyways our peditrician was able to pull apart one of his skin bridges but he had 2 larger bridges that wouldn't pop apart so when he turned 6 months old the did surgery to repair the hernia and the skin bridges its a very minor surgery and very common the doctors just fixed both my sons issues at one time and now he is doing great if they dont pop apart easily the surgery option is better that way they dont feel the pain when the doctors cuts it and since his surgery we had to pull the skin back at EVERY diaper chage and put bactracin all around and now 2 months later he had his follow up and all is great and We had never had baby boys in the family so we didnt have a clue what to do but it is very common I would recommend a pediatric urologists that routinely performs these procedures our peditrician recommended us to one and he was wonderful and there is like no scarring at all I WISH you the best of luck and GOD BLESS and Dont worry. Our peditrician doesn't recommend surgery until at least 6 months old and some doctors prefer to wait until 9 or so months GODD LUCK AND GOD BLESS. I would insist it fixed before he is a year old the older they get the harder and more painful it is for them and the after care is alot easier when they arent running everywhere

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