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Sleep Problems - 7 1/2 Month Old
An_247605 posted:
Our little boy has never been an ideal sleeper, but for about the past 10 days, he's been waking up 5-6 times per night. Sometimes it's just a quick cry and he goes to sleep with no help. Sometimes he needs just a little rub on the back to help him settle back down. Other times it takes 10 minutes of rocking and eventually nursing to get him back to sleep. We've been keeping a log to try to find any patterns and haven't found any.

I've tried researching online and have found references to an eight month sleep regression, tied to the many, many developmental milestones babies tackle at this age. Ours has certainly been checking a lot off the list.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice? Any hope that we'll eventually get out of this pattern?
MzSuZee responded:
My 7 1/2 month old son does the exact same thing! For the past few nights now! My son is mainly breastfed, but at night, before bedtime, I like to give him a bottle of formula. For 2 reasons - 1) so he's familiar with the taste of formula, and 2) it seems to be heavier than breastmilk and keeps his tummy fuller longer so that he'll sleep longer (or at least, I'd hope so!).

Anyway, yes, my son's been waking up about 4-5 times at night. And just like yours, makes a little sound then goes back to sleep, either on his own or after I pat his back. Sometimes, I notice it may be from having a full diaper so once I've changed him, or getting him changed, he quiets down and falls back asleep. But sometimes, I have to put my boob in his mouth to quiet him - yes, he sleeps in bed with me and my husband. I know, I know - many people are against this, but we've had no problem with it. That's another story, another issue for another time.

My husband is worried about how he'll handle it when I have to travel for work next week - I'll be gone for 3 nights! Yikes! I told him to have a couple of bottles ready just in case he wants to drink, and to check his diaper around 4 or 5am - that's usually when it gets pretty full and he wants a fresh one on.

I see that you posted this 2 months ago - how has it been since then? Did you do anything different? Did your son start sleeping through the night?
cshyronia replied to MzSuZee's response:
my baby turned 7 months today. she was sleeping through the night and than she stopped. When I took her for her 6 month check up she had a double ear infection. now that she has taken all her antibiotics she sleeps thru the night again. But 1 or 2 times a week she gets up around 2or 3 for a bottle than goes right back to sleep.

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