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7 month with 1-2 wet diapers a day!
NorahElizabeth posted:
My 7 month old takes about 10-15 oz per day of formula. I had to quit breastfeeding her at 6 months because she never wanted to nurse and lost my supply. Shes a horrible eater and always has been. It took forever to finally find a formula that shell drink. Will only eat sweet potatoes and sometimes rice cereal. I offer her different types of food and her milk ALL DAY LONG! Im just starting to really worry about her kidneys because she only has maybe two wet diapers a day along with maybe two very small poops. Today she only had 1 wet diaper and when she pooped there was no pee in it. I dont know what to do anymore. Been to the pediatrician so many times. Her weight is great 19lb 4oz. I really have no idea how shes gaining weight. Should I be worried about her kidneys?? or anything else underlying possibly? Oh and she only really takes her bottle when shes sleeping and basically doesnt know that shes taking it. Its very strange that she hates to eat! And Im literally losing hair over this. Please help!
sumis responded:
I think as long she is happy ,gaining weight and shows no constipation or dehydration its ok.
mamaguymon responded:
Hi Norah. I know it's been two years since you posted this, but I came across it by Googling. I am glad I did because this is EXACTLY what is happening to my 7 month old currently. She refuses solids, shows absolutely zero interest in them, and drinks about a total of 15 oz of formula a day currently. About 3 weeks ago she was downing about 32 oz in a day for about two weeks (growth spurt I think) but the rest of the time she has NO INTEREST in eating...ANYTHING. I am a mom to four kids, she is my last, and she is stumping me! I am not sure if I need to take her in, what they would even tell me, etc. because she's not tiny...I mean, she isn't super chubby either, but I am scared she will start falling off the growth curve soon if we keep this up. Can I ask what ended up happening with your little one? You can email me at if that would be easier. I would love to hear what ended up happening. Thanks!

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