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Benadryl for 6 month old
mom_to_nolan_and_nina posted:
Hey all,

DD will be 6 months tomorrow so I thought I'd pop over here and post...

DD had her well checkup today and is suffering miserably from allergies, just like I am...itchy, watery eyes, sneezing uncontrollably and so on. She was up every 2-3 hours last night and just was miserable little kiddo....still sleeping poorly today.

In talking with the NP, she said to give her 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl. I can't find any literature stating the safety of it on kids under 2. Has anyone given it to their DC?? She said that it is safe to give to kids and that it's not recommended formally because of the sedating effects and parents would use it solely for that purpose.

I trust my NP, with 3 kids of her own I have always liked her take on things as a mom and a professional.....

2GirlsMommy0608 responded:
My oldest DD has allergy issues and her pedi also recommends Benadryl and we have given it to her under the age of 1, I don't recall if we did at 6 months or not....

We would only give it to her at bedtime. During the day our Pedi recommended either Zyrtec or Claritin. So you might want to ask about those for daytime, non-drowsy use....

linzuh04 responded:
roni090909 responded:
I had to give it to my LO around 4 mo. He got a 1/4 teaspoon. He did just fine. I say go for it. At first give it to her during the day, just to keep an eye on her. More than likely she will just want to go to sleep.
katieb426 responded:
It is possible that she will have the opposite reaction from being tired. Sometimes Benadryl will affect kids by making them hyper or agitated. You'll have to just try it and see how she does...

Hooray for 6 months! Hope the allergies clear up soon!
joanna19761976 responded:
Try this link:

If it doesn't go right to the page the website is He is a pediatrician and gives dosing info when the bottle won't give it to you for younger babies. 1/2 teaspoon sounds about right. I remember when my daughter was one, her pediatrician recommended 3/4 teaspoon, can't remember what I was giving it to her for though....
peachyisthelife responded:
Hey Amy! I'm about to leave this board but welcome anyway! How's the kiddies?

As far as benadryl, my favorite nurse told me today that I could give it to my DD who has chicken pox. I gave her some before bed, hoping she would sleep well.

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