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No stimulation
Silo11 posted:
I've read and been told that you shouldn't give your baby any stimulation when they wake up in the middle of the night. It may be hard but wait a few minutes and if they don't stop crying than quietly pick him up, feed him a bottle and put him straight to bed. Try to keep noises and lights to a minimum. It took quite a bit of torment and running on no sleep for a couple weeks for my daughter to learn that at night, you sleep. Occasionaly she will wake up but its rare. One thing that has worked wonders for us is this heartbeat bear we got from walmart. It has 4 different white noises including the heart beat and as soon as we turn it on, she goes straight to sleep! It works amazing! They always grow out of it! Every baby is different. =>
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jlbelknap35 responded:
this is true bc they think they SHOULD be awake then and will be harder to get them back to sleep. when my Ds wakes its usually bc he got himself in an unconfortable spot and just needs put back on his bobby pillow. i just go in there pull him back on it, dont say a word or make any facial expressions, and then leave the room and shut the door. he is back out with in just a minute after that. my husband had to learn the hard way and it took him several times to figure that out. he would go in there talk to him and then stand there and watch to see if he would go back to sleep, which of course he didnt bc he thought it was time to wake up now. so then he could go in the hall and yell to me to tell me he wasnt going back to sleep which of course would make it work. luckly for me he my Ds knows that if i come into the room with a stern look on my face and dont say anything to him he will go back to sleep. he just takes a couple minutes longer bc he is more away. so yes i definatly do belive that.

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