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Poll: random things
jlcohen78 posted:
It seems like it's been a while since we've had a poll like this....I think I hit all the "major" things going on for this age group!

Age of LO?

How many teeth?

Diaper size?

Clothing size?

Number of naps?

Sleeping through the night?

Using cup?


Any words?

Table foods yet?
jlcohen78 responded:
Age of LO? 10 months

How many teeth? 2 (finally got them over the weekend!)

Diaper size? 2

Clothing size? 3-6 months

Number of naps? 2

Sleeping through the night? yes

Using cup? prefers the boob but does take a straw cup.

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? All but walking. She's also climber!

Any words? Not real words yet. Just the basic babbling sounds. Dada, mama, nana, baba

Table foods yet? Yes, since 8 months.
cduffy responded:
1. 9.75 mos

2. 1 tooth

3. medium in G-diapers and 3 in disposables

4. 9 mo (some 6-9, some 12 depending on the brand)

5. 2 naps

6. no...early waking to nurse then goes back down

7. Yep, she loves her sippy

8. Crawling and standing....just went from coffee table to couch yesterday so cruising is in the near future.

9. Dada and mama, "do" for dog and "ba" for ball. She crawls toward them and says those things so I now she knows what they mean.

10. Yep, although she's going on a table food strike and we're having to feed her bites of baby food to make sure she's getting enough.
Age of LO? 11 1/2 months..Eeeks!

How many teeth? 4 at the moment

Diaper size? 3

Clothing size? 6-9 and some 12 mo

Number of naps? On a good day 3, sometimes the morning one is a bit shorter.

Sleeping through the night? Yes since she was 9 mo old..Thank goodness!

Using cup? Yes!

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? Everything except fully walking..

Any words? Not quite yet, but I can tell she is understanding way more and also trying to communicate.

Table foods yet? Yup..
KerryMills responded:
This is fun!

Age of LO? 11.5 months

How many teeth? 8

Diaper size? 2

Clothing size? 9 months, but 3 months shorts (he has such a skinny waist!)

Number of naps? 2, usually 1-2 hours each

Sleeping through the night? yes, since 12 weeks, he really has spoiled me

Using cup? yes

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? walking for two weeks now

Any words? Mama, dada, bird, all done, what's that, puppy, boy

Table foods yet? yes, but he is a picky eater
alliegirl77 responded:
Age of LO? 10 months on Wednesday

How many teeth? 2 in on bottom - 4 about to come in on top

Diaper size? 3

Clothing size? 12 mos for most of them

Number of naps? 2 - AM is usually 1-2 hours, PM is usually 2-3 hours

Sleeping through the night? Yes. Wakes up early though!

Using cup? sippy, yes but just water at meals

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? crawling, standing and cruising - no walking yet. She did get to a standing position w/out using anything else the other day from a sitting position.

Any words? Da-Da, Ba-Ba when she sees sheep, Cat when she see our cat, and Ma-Ma when she is mad or crying.

Table foods yet? Yes
roni090909 responded:
Age of LO? 9 months today

How many teeth? 6, 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top

Diaper size? 3 but moving to 4 soon

Clothing size? 9 mo, 12 mo and 6-12 mo

Number of naps? 2-3

Sleeping through the night? Yes, 7:30 to 5 am eats and back down until 7am. We got lucky yesterday and he slept until 9:45!!

Using cup? Sippy cup

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? Crawling and cruising. Starting to stand, he can do it for a couple of seconds

Any words? No

Table foods yet? Yes, he loves anything that we give. Hopefully he does not turn into a picky eater like his mommy and daddy
StarryGrrl responded:
Age of LO? Micah will be 1 year old in 2 weeks!!

How many teeth? Three

Diaper size? Three

Clothing size? 6-9 months

Number of naps? Two

Sleeping through the night? He just started last week! Yay!

Using cup? Yep

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? Crawls super fast and stands, but no walking yet.

Any words? Momma, Dada, Dog and lots and lots of babbling

Table foods yet? He eats mostly table foods now
wenandkeelynsmom responded:
Age of LO? 10 1/2 months

How many teeth? 8...four on top, four on bottom

Diaper size? 4

Clothing size? 24 months

Number of naps? 2 per day most days

Sleeping through the night? YES finally

Using cup? sippy cup, straw, and regular cup if we are drinking something and share with her

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? took 6 steps last night but other than that 2 or 3 steps is max

Any words? DaDa, Sissy, MaMa, and she has "Her Words" that mean CAT, OUTSIDE, THANK YOU, ans SPOON (she says the same thing everytime she is identifying one of these things so that has to be what she means)

Table foods yet? anything that does not eat her first
mamaj1012 responded:
Age of LO? 9 months

How many teeth? 4- 2 on top 2 on bottom

Diaper size? 4 leaks right through the 3's

Clothing size? 12 months

Number of naps? 2

Sleeping through the night? yes

Using cup? sometimes

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? everything but walking

Any words? mama,dada,bye bye,baba,yay

Table foods yet? Yep just started!!!
nat0220 responded:
Age of LO? 10 months

How many teeth? 6 (4 on top, 2 on bottom)

Diaper size? 3 during the day, 4 at night (he pees a lot at night!)

Clothing size? 12 months

Number of naps? 2 on a good day

Sleeping through the night? no, I'm a human pacifier some nights

Using cup? Yes. He's so good.

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? Fastest crawler! All but walking

Any words? Just started saying mamamama and babababba, the cutest thing I've ever heard

Table foods yet? Yup! Almost anything that that he can't choke on.
simerlm responded:
Age of LO? 11.5 months

How many teeth? Still no teeth!

Diaper size? We just moved to a size 2 yesterday

Clothing size? Still some 0-3 and moving into 3-6

Number of naps? 75? Seriously, she's a cat napper

Sleeping through the night? nope. She's up to nurse 2 or 3 times

Using cup? no

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? She's crawling and pulling up to stand and cruising, but not standing on her own to walk yet.

Any words? She says Mama! Be still my heart

Table foods yet?I have given her homemade mashed potatoes, but that's it.
waugamanjl responded:
Age of LO? 9 mths

How many teeth? 8

Diaper size? 3

Clothing size? varies between 6-9 and 9-12

Number of naps? 2

Sleeping through the night? depends on the day. for the most part, yes

Using cup? yes

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? all of the above, except walking

Any words? momma,dada

Table foods yet? soft foods (noodles,etc)
tamliz08 responded:
I'm lurking, but I want to play too! (Sorry, I hope that's ok!)

Age of LO? 8 months

How many teeth? 3 1/2

Diaper size? 4

Clothing size? 12 months / 18 months

Number of naps? 2-3

Sleeping through the night? yep

Using cup? yes -sippy and regular

Crawling/standing/cruising/walking? just cruising

Any words? babbling - yum-yum, dada, mama

Table foods yet? oh yes, she's a great little eater - her fave is grilled cheese!
peachyisthelife responded:
Age of LO?

11 mo

How many teeth?


Diaper size?

3/4, but mostly 4

Clothing size?

mostly 12 mo, can wear a few 9 mo still, though

Number of naps?

2 naps

Sleeping through the night?

yes, since she was 8 weeks old

Using cup?

a little bit, I need to push it more and just take away the bottles, which I'll do soon


cruising, stands on her own for a little bit, but no walking

Any words?

mama, dada-she may know what mama means but I'm not sure, don't think she knows what dada is

Table foods yet?

yes, but still some baby food too for convenience as I'm lazy

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