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Baby shoe size
sugarhi posted:
Hey guys! I have this totally awesome friend who works for a major shoe retailer and she is going to hook us up with a bunch of pairs of baby shoes (some that aren't even out on the market yet!). Anyway, DD has the soft soled leather baby shoes in a 6-12 month size and they will definitely fit for a while. We also have a pair from Payless that we bought specifically for her holiday photos that are in a size 3 which also seem to have extra room. I looked online for info on size 3 shoes and most websites say they are for babies 6-9 months old which is strange because DD is 9 1/2 months and she still seems to have ample room. BUT she is a big girl and already grew out of most of her 9 month outfits so she is wearing 12 month now. I'm just surprised that she is in bigger size clothes but has small feet? What size shoes/clothes do your LO's wear?
katsmom86 responded:
K wears a 3. She wears 12 month clothes and while 18 month clothes are loose they certaintly don't fall off. Except neither size in jeans fit (to small or big!) so she isn't small, either. And her feet *look* huge! Maybe it is because there aren't boy & girl sizes yet? (or are there?). She is 9.5 months - has been wearing 12 month sleepers since 8 months.
sarahgrl responded:
Kinsey wears a range of clohes from 9-12 to 12-18 mo., it really all depends on the brand. She still has plenty of room to grow in her size 3 shoes though, I'm sure she could wear size 2 just fine. I tried putting her shoes on her today and noticed I could fit her foot Plus another half of her foot in there. I think the sizing isn't very good with shoes anyway, or socks, I can't keep those on her feet!
blackab responded:
Hunter is 10 months and wears 18 month clothes and size 4 shoe...although they are getting difficult to get on his feet...he has a VERY wide foot (this might be a proble down the road) his dad is size 15 wide and we have always had problems finding him shoes so something to look forward to!!! Hunter is prob not the best measuring stick though...he is rather large for his age. I think when he was 6 or 7 months he wore 12 month clothes and then around 9 months he moved to 18 month clothes....its hard to remember when it happened though. I would just ditch the shoes all together but he is getting close to walking so I guess we will HAVE to have them. I wish they would come out with socks that don't fall off....that would be nice. But hey free shoes are always exciting!!
MrsStill responded:
Chloe wears a 1 or 2!!! She has VERY small feet and wears 12 months clothes. She'll be 11 months next Thurs!
Makayla129 responded:
Makayla wears size 3 shoes. And for clothes... it varies depending on the brand. She wears anything from 6 months to 18 months. Jackets are usually 18 months, pants are 12 months, and onesies are 6-9. Yea I have a skinny kid... with her Momma's legs :cool:
tommysmama08 responded:
My sister's friend works for Addidas and hooked us up with sample shoes awhile back. All hard-soled size 6, which is great! Time to grow into them and he should be walking by then! Tommy is 10 months old and wears size 3 in shoes (when he wears them, which is not often). He wears mostly 12 month clothing, although still wears some 9 months in pants. He could wear 9 month shirts but the 12 month shirts look better on him now.
ryanandleigh responded:
DD only has one pair of shoes and they don't list a size. The tag originally said 9-12 months and they are getting tight. Her 9-12 month clothes are getting tight too. Looks like I will be shopping soon!
KC_94920 responded:
Carrigan is 10 months old and wears a size 4 in her pre-walker shoes and a 6-12 months size for her Robeez soft-soled booties. She got the shoes for X-Mas but wears the Robeez most of the time and has since she started crawling.

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