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motorcycle hands
tkgriffin72 posted:
Do your LO's do this? Every time Owen is excited about something his hands start moving like he is revving up a motorcycle!! :sillygrin: If he is really excited he gets his hands going and he starts moving his feet in circles. It is hilarious! :sillygrin: I was just wondering if anyone else's LO's do funny things like this when they are excited.
sarahgrl responded:
Kinsey does something kind of like that but a little different. It really is hard to describe though. She will stiffen her legs and one arm straight out and with the other arm she does something that looks like (I don't know if you will know what this is but it's the only thing we can think of) when the Arseneo Hall Show (I probably didn't spell that right :pbpt: ) was on they would do the "dog bark" thing and move their arm like they were turning a crank (I think it was the dog pound or something, I don't know I was young). It's hilarious though anyway! She also makes a face with it like :ooh: and will make a "Oooo Oooo" sound, when she does this you know she's really excited!
tkgriffin72 responded:
LOL that is hilarious!! I loved the Arseneo Hall show! I still remember when he had Magic Johnson on who announced he was HIV positive. It was so sad!! And he had Will Smith on and it made me love him (Will Smith, not Arseneo). :sillygrin: :sheepish: Obviously I"m not as young as you are!! :sheepish:
sarahgrl responded:
Yeah I'll be 27 in May, so I was pretty young when that show was on (and my dads a minister and didn't want me watching that kind of stuff anyway!) but I would sneak around and watch it from time to time when my parents would go out of town and leave us somewhere to stay. I saw the Magic Johnson one and I had no clue what HIV was so my moms friend had to sit and tell me all about it in the middle of the night :sheepish:
sarah0409 responded:
yes Sam does that all the time! its so funny. she does it when she gets really excited.
braysmama08 responded:
I am so greatful to hear that my son is not the only baby in the world that does this. The older he gets the more i keep wondering if this is something he is going to grow out of. I mean he is only coming up on 11 months but he has been doing this for as long as i can remember. It just seems so unusual, it most commonly happens when he is in his booster seat at the table and waiting for another bite or when he is excited and sitting his arms and legs are outstretched and his hands and feet are turning and a circular motion. Its definately goofy!! :smile:

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