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Teeth Grinding!! OMG
asimpso82 posted:
My 9 month old has been grinding his teeth. he has the top front 2 teeth and the bottom two front teeth and he grinds them A LOT and its like nails on a chalkboard to me! Other than a pacifier, what can i do to get him to STOP! As soon as he does it we tell him no and give him a pacifer to chew on. A girl I know told me her daughter did it so much (in her sleep and during the day) that ultimately they had to have her top teeth removed from the damage (the lil girl was 3 when they removed her teeth). YIKES! He hates teethers and doesnt put any toys or anything in his mouth. TIA!!
jlynnpaine responded:
I know it's extremely annoying but more than likely, he will grow out of it. Just keep offering him things to hold and chew on and he'll get the hang of it. It probably just feels funny and new and he's trying it out. Sorry not to be more help.
apples_core22 responded:
OMG my son grind's also but he know's it get's under my skin he smiles at me while he dose it lol he's 11mths and i've given him a carrot and that seem to help sadly it didnt last long and he's back to his old way's lol.

dont worrie he will grow out of it
saikiyo replied to apples_core22's response:
Since my DD has teeth, she starts grinding. My hubby told me that he hears her grind at night. Recently, I hear her grind during the day, I think it is her new trick (make some funny noise) because she gives me funny face and smile when I tried to stop her.
scperdomo responded:
DS has been doing that lately too!! It irks me, but he doesn't seem to mind so hopefully he just grows out of it. Only thing I can figure is he is just getting used to have more teeth (8 now!)

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wonderland09 responded:
Eeeww, I know the feeling. My 11 month old did it for a short while but has since stopped...thankfully! Like others have said they may or may not grow out of it. I'm 34 years old and grind my teeth but only at night when I sleep so I'm not actually aware when I do it. Except now I have really thin enamel from tooth-to-tooth grinding on the bottom of my front two teeth but, wearing a dentist made night guard and braces has stopped further damage. After braces I will probably get either veneers or crowns to replace the enamel. It's not super bad but I notice it. But if your DS only does it during the day and can consciously control it, he will hopefully just grow out of it.

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