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    Sleeping though the night
    Joyce0922 posted:
    Does anyone else have a little one that still won't sleep through the night? My DD was sleeping thought the night at 2 months but then when she turned 3 months she ended up with bronchitis. Ever since then she wakes up at least once a night. Lately it's been 2 or 3 times a night. I think her teething is contributing to it. I've tried letting her cry it out but she gets so mad and her cries don't subside. I wish I knew exactly what to do for her to make her sleep better.
    kellihoward47 responded:
    My daughter is ten mos and only slept through the night once, when she was 3mos. On a good night, she wakes up 3 times, usually its 5times, on a bad night, who knows, I'm too tired to count. I've never let her cry it out though, so she can't put herself back to sleep, I nurse her a lot at night. She sleeps in our bed, so she's only up for a minute or two. Her doc said she'll sleep longer when she's eating more solids, but now she mostly just wants milk and those baby finger food puff things (even though I've cooked and offered every healthy thing I can think of!). If your baby is eating ok, then sorry, I have no advice. But I am awake too, if it makes you feel any better!
    Emmyl responded:
    DS is 9 mos and still doesn't consistently sleep through the night. Most nights he will only wake up once, but it usually takes us about an hour to get him back into his crib sleeping soundly. He'll fall back asleep almost immediately on our shoulder if we walk him, or if we lay down on the couch and let him sleep for a little while on our chests. But then as soon as we put him back down in his crib and starts fussing mightily! Here lately we've been letting him fuss it out a little longer. If he's all out wailing I will usually go ahead and get him, but if he's just fussing and being stubborn, then we will just keep going in at intervals to lay him back down and usually he will fall back asleep in about 20 minutes. I just don't know what to do to get him to go back to sleep on his own.
    jlynnpaine replied to Emmyl's response:
    My DD did not sleep through the night until she was over 10 months old. If I had kept getting her out of her crib and nursing her when she woke, I'm sure she'd still be waking up once per night to nurse because she was in such a habit of doing it. What I ended up doing was a modified CIO when she wasn't sick or teething. It took about a week and then she was STTN. If your DD is teething, I would recommend getting through that and then attempting some form of sleep training. Good luck!
    apples_core22 responded:
    My son was an angel when he was 4-6mths but now he's 11mths and he sleeps threw out the day and wakes up at night around 11ish and stay's up in the moring til 12 in the afternoon. And i know it's not all his fault bc i still hold him and i put him to sleep and now he wakes up and i have to put him back to bed he dosnt know how to put himself to sleep. My hubby say's i have to stop doing that but i hate hearing him cry for me and what tugg's at my heart is when he say's mama over and over for me. I've let him cry it out but it never seems to end so now i give him a warm bottle and lay him in his crib, he will still cry out but he has to learn. Be patient girl

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