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With all the recalls..I have to ask
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
I have to ask you ladies, raising kids these days, don't you see more recalls then ever before? Between cribs and strollers, bottles and formula, it's got to be frustrating. I just don't remember all these recalls years ago. I can't help but wonder why. Careless workers? Less checking on quality control?
It's frustrating I would imagine.
What are your thoughts on that?
Joyce0922 responded:
I think things were made with better quality material years ago. It seems like anymore things are put together cheaply so that companies can make a bigger profit.
ad1978 replied to Joyce0922's response:
I agree, cheaper material and assembly could be to blame.

Also, I wonder if products failed years ago as well, but people just didn't complain as much as they do now? So if not enough people reported it, no one knew?
Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to ad1978's response:
It's true, and probably a combination of everything. Just seems more now and I would imagine frustrating at times. Thanks for your input ladies!
tamaricek replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
I do believe we are the generation asking for more in life, however, I also think that now the cutbacks on quality in order to bust the profit are, unfortunately, common practice!
An_222271 responded:
You got to remember also that years ago there was not all this stuff that they have now

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