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Where are baby Hank's two top teeth?
15yearsbtween posted:
Hank is 9 1/2 monthes old he has two bottom teeth but the top two are not here I wouldnt care but 3 other babies I know have their top teeth. The Dr says he's fine/normal ect. I was just wondering when do other babies get top teeth?
pridgeon responded:
River will be 9 months tomorrow and she had all 4 top teeth come in within 2weeks of one another (2 at a time) and trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT THAT! It was soooo hard. This happened last week and the week before and she still isn't back to sleeping through the night yet.
Emmyl responded:
Don't worry about it. My son will be 11 months next week and he still only has his two bottom teeth. He didn't even get those until around 10 months. A friend of mine said her kids didn't cut teeth at all until they were a year old. They now both have a full set of beautiful teeth! It all happens when it's supposed to happen. I know what you mean though, about being worried. Until Jack got those two bottom teeth I was seriously getting concerned that I was going to have a toothless 7 year old. lol
bgabert responded:
I wouldn't worry too much!
My DD will be 1 in two weeks and she has 8 teeth, but her cousin is 3 hours younger and only has his bottom two.

Every baby is different!
QTpie2009 responded:
My DS is going to be 1 next week, and he got his two bottom teeth around 9 months and is just now cutting his top teeth.
Bailey98029 responded:
my DS was 11 months before he got a single tooth. he got his top 4 teeth before getting ANY teeth on the bottom. they just come when they come.

my DD is 10 months old. she got her 2 bottoms at 8 months (they came in 1 day apart). at 9 months she got her first top tooth and then it took a whole month for her to get the other top tooth. it just popped thru on monday and she got another top tooth today. she has no other teeth visible on the bottom so i'm willing to bet she'll get her other side top tooth and possibly her top eye teeth before getting anymore on the bottom. no issues since none of those teeth are used for "chewing" it's just fun to watch them come in at random times!

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