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pridgeon posted:
Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany, I am 25yrs old. I live w my fieonce, my 7yr old son Tyler, and my daughter River who will be 9 months tomorrow. River is crawling, pulling up, cruising the furiture and letting go of couches while standing for a few seconds. She regularly says mama, dada and nana. She says other things like Ty Ty and bye bye sometimes.

She is EBF altough w summer approaching I have thought about weaning her and changed my mind about a hundred times lol.

I want to know what your 9 month old eats. River's normal schedule is 2tbs baby cereal w half a container of fruit for breakfast, half a container of fruit and half a container of veggie for lunch and half a container of veggie and 2 1/2oz of meat for supper. She also nurses on demand about every 2 1/2-3hrs. I give her cut up cheese, gerber puffs, gerber crunchies, yogurt melts, grahm crackers, and other soft foods as snacks during the day. I am not too good about giving her a sippy cup as I should be. My son had issues with cavities as a small child and the dentist told me it was from the juice.

River wont usually eat more of the baby food at a time but will eat more of the things she can pick up with her hands, and wants ANYTHING we are eating wether she can have it or not. She seems like such a piggy. I don't want to over feed her with all the extras but I don't want to under feed her either. (6months she was 26 1/2inches, 18lbs. She weighs probably 20lbs now, she is bigger than her 1yr old cousin).

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