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not talking much
asimpso82 posted:
My son is 11 months old today. He babbles a lot and we "think" his first word was bye bye and again we "think" he said Dada but he hasnt said either one in a week or more. I speak to him like I would anyone and don't use "baby talk" much, I can ask him a question like "Brayden, are you hungry?" "Do you want to go outside?" or "Do you want to go nite nite?" and he will shake his head yes or no accordingly. He's always got his hands in his mouth and if he finds his pacifier, he puts it in his own mouth. He yells, and makes lots of other noises all the time, just no words on a consistent basis. SHould i be worried? He seems to understand SOOOOO much. How can I encourage talking more? We have tons of books with pictures, shapes and so forth that we use every day. He is a very social baby and loves people to talk to him. He imitates sticking his tounge out (LOL), making a pouty lip and even hold things up to his ear like a phone when you say "hello". How can I help him communicate with words better? TIA! Angie
paytonsmommy09 responded:
My daughter just turned 11 months last week and she says mamma and dadda to the right parent. She really doesn't say much more that we can understand. I "think" she said dog and go the other day but she hasn't said it again. I am in the same boad as you; I am worried she is behind in her language development. She points and coos and babbles all of the time.
Joyce0922 replied to paytonsmommy09's response:
I don't think they're behind at all. By their first birthday they should have 3 words that they are consistently saying. It sounds like both of your children are on track. It takes a while for them to build up even a simple vocabulary. As long as they respond with hand movements or facial expressions they are developing at a nice pace.
Me (31), DH (28), DD (6/26/09)
elegi23 responded:
I don't think he sounds behind at all. My DD will be 11 months on the 23rd, and she says a lot of made up babble. Depending on the day, she has different "words/sounds" for different things. She can say "Daddy, Mama, Dog, Baba(for bfing), uhb (cup)." We work with her by pointing to things and saying the name. She tries to repeat what we say, but most of it comes out as babble. Just keep working on it, and if you're concerned, talk to your dr. They can shed the best insight.
Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
Bailey98029 responded:
My DD is 10 1/2 months and only says Dada and not even right to him. She has a few times but not all the time. My DS had 5 words by his 1st birthday which is about what they say the should do. I figure DD will figure it out soon enough and although 4-6 weeks doesn't seem like a long time, they learn so much every day so your son could easily just start spitting out words next week, you know?

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