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How to "cure" biting
kfitz posted:
So DD is 11 mos today and when I tell her "no" she wants to bite me. For instance, she was unfolding laundry I had just folded, and I told her "no" twice then she tried to grab my hand and bite me. Also, when I was using the bathroom (I have to keep the door open or she cries.) she kept trying to pull garbage out of the trash can and when I scolded her she pulled up on my leg and bit my knee! I know about the diversion, ignoring and time out, but none of them seem to work. I have also tried leaving the room for a minute when she does it, but that doesn't seem to work either. It probably happens 5 to 10 times per day.

She is teething and we are only giving her her binky during nap time so I am worried that may be contributing to her biting, but she only seems to bite when she is angry.

Me(31) DH(31) DD(10 mos) EDD 8/30/2010 Its a girl!
elegi23 responded:
Wow, I wonder where she learned to bite. I don't really have any suggestions. My DD doesn't bite, its just amazes me some of the stuff they come up with. DD is great at unfolding all of the clothes in 30 seconds flat and just screams and throws herself on the floor, when I say no or "aww." (She responds better to aww which I hate but DH started it and it works.) Anyway, I will usually just pick her up and sit her on my lap and get her interested in a toy then continue folding clothes. My DD has a problem and when I'm home from work she has to sit on my lap, play toys with me or stand by me. She will not leave my side, so it's kinda driving me crazy, b/c I can't even take a shower without her freaking out.
Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
kfitz replied to elegi23's response:
I know the babysitter doesn't have a biter, so I think she did it at first b/c she was teething, but she saw the reaction she got out of me so she continues to do it for attention. She only seems to do it at night and when I give her Tylenol she seems to stop so maybe it is just her teething. She also bites her stuffed animals and even tries to bite the carpet at times.
Me(31) DH(31) DD(10 mos) EDD 8/30/2010 Its a girl!
pregoncemore replied to kfitz's response:
My first child did the same thing, my MIL keep her during the day so I know she did not learn it from another child. Try gently popping her hand and say "NO that hurts" firmly. It may take a while for her to stop, but it helped with mine.
If you think it is teething related, keep her gums covered with Orajel and let her have several teething rings/toys available to chew on.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Don't forget Mommy's we have a great Parenting Community that might help with this as well. A doctor on that board that specializes in behavior too! :)

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