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Is this teething?
jermanda23 posted:
My 10 month old son doesn't have any teeth yet. Today he just started screaming and crying uncontrollably all day. He didn't want solid foods much today which is totally not like him. He has only cried, screamed and slept all day today and he is usually incredibly active. Nothing is calming him down - teething gel, baby Tylenol, teethers, cold rags, nothing. He is not turning his head to the sides much and will not lift his head all the way up to look up above him. He is running a fever of 100.7. I don't know if this is teething - his mouth seems sore to the touch and he's not opening his mouth wide to cry or talk or anything, but he's lethargic and acting strange. What could this be? It is a shrieking cry - not like anything he's ever done before.
lkevans responded:
Sounds like it to me unless its an ear infection with my LO it has been the same exact symptoms for both teething and ear infections.
jlbelknap35 responded:
If he is running almost 101 temp than I would be calling the dr. That doesnt really sound like teething. They can get a low grade fever at times bc of the pain but that is to high to me to be teething and the not lifting the head and lethargic makes me think its something else. so my suggestion is call the doctor.

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